‘Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare’ Trailer Borrows From ‘Titanfall’ … Now Who’s Copying Who?

The Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare trailer has hit, and after all of that fanboy talk about Titanfall being a COD clone, it looks like both games are now copying each other. The clone wars began about the same time as the latest console war, with practically anyone trying to make a first person shooter getting accused of copying Call of Duty.

Apparently Call of Duty is doing something right if everybody is allegedly copying it. The idea that without the mechs and parkour, Titanfall is basically COD, just points to a winning formula that everybody likes. You can’t argue with what sells.

In an interesting twist, it seems that Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is copying everybody else now in its first trailer.

From the start of the trailer, the soldiers appear to be wearing an outfit lifted straight out of EA’s Dead Space, with the metallic spine ridge, and a touch of Elysium‘s arm enhancers. A few seconds later, we find out that the air vehicles being used look like they were taken from Halo, with the rounded wings housing a turbine engine. A swarm of them fly over a futuristic wasteland landscape, once again ringing suspiciously of Halo.

Almost as a way of confirming the Halo references, we notice a ship turning off its cloaking device. Is anything in this game going to be original? It was bad enough when Call of Duty released what was considered the same game over and over, and now they’re stealing ideas from everybody else.

The most original thing we see in the first 30 seconds is Kevin Spacey’s digital mug as he gives us a debriefing. Then it cuts once again to another scene that looks a lot like Gears of War with its lighting. A couple of scenes later, we get what looks like another moment inspired by Dead Space, with a mechanical mask dropping down and someone getting sent over the railing as they enter a door in a futuristic headquarters which looks like the inside of a spaceship.

A few seconds of what appears to be actual Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare trailer footage flash by before we then see someone landing from really high up, indicating the use of a jetpack or something like they used in Titanfall. Scenes pass and we’re given a night time scene with a flashlight, looking a lot like a survival horror game as the light scours a few dead people.

With vehicles that look taken straight out of Halo, outfits that seem to be lifted from Dead Space, and gameplay mechanics from Titanfall, is there anything, other than Kevin Spacey, in this Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare trailer that wasn’t taken from another game?