Ed Sheeran's 'Secret' Ipswich Gig A Big Hit

Ed Sheeran is all about his roots. As a young performer, before his meteoric rise to fame, Sheeran performed at the Steamboat Tavern in Suffolk, UK on the Ipswich waterfront. This ultra-intimate event was only attended to by 100 Facebook fans, who received the tickets in a giveaway promotion, however the Steamboat Tavern location was held secret until Sunday.

Ed Sheeran performed for 45 minute to the small crowd, walking on the tiny stage at 10:45 local time and he left shortly after the gig to perform in London on a regular tour stop.

"It was very intimate and he was clearly enjoying going back to his roots." said Ed Sheeran fan Ellie Cook, from nearby Colchester.

Ed Sheeran said of last night's show:

I haven't played this venue in almost five years - it's nice to come back to where it first started. Every single fan here has kept the location very quiet because they didn't want anyone else to find out, so it's a very chilled atmosphere."
Sam Taylor, a 17-year-old from Lowestoft who attended the small concert with his father, said Sheeran's song selection "was brilliant and a mixture of older songs and news ones."
"I've seen him about four times, but never anywhere this small. He came out to meet us beforehand and was a really nice, down-to-earth guy."
Amy Gunther, from London, reviewed the show: "He unplugged completely after the first song, so it was just him and his acoustic guitar with no amplification. It hasn't quite sunk in yet that I was one of the lucky few to get tickets."

Sheeran, who hails from Framlingham in Suffolk, has performed in an intimate setting quite often in the past. For his new album X, or Multiply, Sheeran has chosen to play 3 shows in a day in various countries. First starting at a small venue and working his way up to the area's largest.

To even get into the intimate Ed Sheeran gig in Ipswich, you had to be a fan of his on Facebook, and strict security measures were taken at the door to ensure that only the rightful owners of the 50 pairs of tickets given away gained entry.

Aside from touring to promote his upcoming album, Ed has been keeping quite busy writing songs including a song that was penned for an upcoming Hilary Duff album, which was announced after a possible Demi Lovato collaboration teased on Twitter. There may not be a more in demand artist today, everybody wants a piece of Sheeran.