May 5, 2014
'The Last of Us' DLC Pack 'Reclaimed Territories' Revealed Amid Rumors Of Sequel

The Last of Us has a brand new trailer for a DLC pack called "Reclaimed Territories," but whats getting the headlines this morning are a couple of teases that have people wondering if there isn't going to be a Last of Us II announcement in the near future.

All the rumors surrounding a Last of Us sequel were jump started by Naughty Dog concept artist Marek Okon posting a picture of what seemed to be a grown up Ellie, one of the main characters from the super-popular The Last of Us. Gameranx reports along with the picture was the caption, "Let me tease you something... it's coming."

After Okon's Facebook posting got Last of Us fans plenty fired up, he attempted to tamp down the furor by claiming the picture was simply "fanart." The question remains as to why he would post a picture of a character from Last of Us with a caption saying it was coming if he didn't mean there was something new coming.

It is of course possible that Okon was just having some fun with the rabid fanbase that makes up the people who jump whenever new The Last of Us news comes out. It's also possible Okon was talking about the DLC which was just revealed with a new trailer today and the picture was just a way to show off a picture he liked while announcing "Reclaimed Territories."

The newest Last of Us trailer doesn't seem to be unveiling an all new story the way some of the other additional content has brought. Rather, Naughty Dog has focused on giving Last of Us players the ability to shoot their way out of new situations and new maps.

A post on the Sony Playstation blog announced that everyone who downloads this new Last of Us DLC will be welcome to a free new weapon when it comes to the multiplayer action. Sony hasn't said when the new content packs will drop but did announce that in order to prepare for the new Last of Us content, it would be releasing a new patch on Tuesday.

It seems likely that people will be able to take on the "Unclaimed Territories" downloadable content for The Last of Us later this week.

People haven't been able to get enough of the interesting storylines that come along with The Last of Us and that's one of the reasons the game is getting a Last of Us PS4 port and a Last of Us movie adaptation.

We'll just to wait and see if there really is a Last of Us sequel in the works.