WWE Extreme Rules 2014: El Torito Versus Hornswoggle In A ‘WeeLC’ Match Results

WWE Extreme Rules 2014 which took place last night, April 5th, at the IZOD Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey, was only available through the WWE Network. Fortunately for the WWE fans, the pre-show was absolutely free on the network, as long as people made an account on the WWE Network, though they did not to subscribe. After some commentary before the first match, the very first “WeeLC” match kicked off the WWE Extreme Rules 2014 festivities.

The “biggest little match in WWE history” was the end result of weeks of conflict between the leprechaun-turned-rocker and the pint-sized bull. It all began with the feud between 3MB and Los Matadores. Eventually, the onslaught between both teams would permeate down to their “mascots”, which would result in some very entertaining matches, including when Los Matadores and El Torito faced off against Jinder Mihal, Drew McIntyre, and Hornswoggle on the April 21st edition of WWE RAW. Even the contract signing done last week was entertaining, though every contract signing done live on a show has always ended up in an altercation of some sort.

When the WeeLC match was initializing the WWE Extreme Rules 2014 pre-show, the WWE Universe was treated to some more fan service as nearly everything was shrunk down just for the match to accommodate the stature of the competitors. This didn’t just include tables, ladders, and chairs, but also the commentary as Micro Cole, JB-Elf, and Jerry “The King” Smaller sat at a miniature commentator’s table right in front of the announcement tables, both primary and Spanish. Even a miniature referee was called in giving this little match a big WWE Extreme Rules pay-per-view feeling.

Some of the most comedic parts of the WWE Extreme Rules match include when El Torito dove through the ropes into 3MB taking them out. Hornswoggle tried to follow up with his own “suicide dive” just to bounce off the ropes like a ping pong ball back into the ring. Another comedic part in the match was when El Torito dodged a chairshot from Hornswoggle. Unfortunately for Heath Slater, he was right behind the miniature bull. Taking in the size difference, let’s just say that Slater is singing at a higher tune. It didn’t help that he fell into a stack of miniature tables too.

The conclusion of the match was a series of chaotic events which included Los Matadores and El Torito triple teaming Jinder Mahal, in which all of them went through an intricate setup of tables and ladders. Drew McIntyre crashed and burned trying to assist Hornswoggle by attemping a high-risk aeriel maneuver on a prone El Torito on a table. El Torito however moved away at the last moment. With 3MB and Los Matadores neutralized, the miniature bull seized the opportunity to finish off Hornswoggle with a seated senton through a table. It was enough for the pinfall victory.

Out of all the WWE Extreme Rules matches, this one was considered the “biggest surprise” of the night. It even trended online more so than the other matches. Maybe it is the gimmick it utilized or maybe it is because it is free, one thing is for sure. Out of all the matches in WWE Extreme Rules 2014, this one stood out for being the “biggest little match”.

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[Image via WWE Extreme Rules Page]