Young Blood Reverses Aging, Maybe That Explains Real Life Vampires?

If young blood reverses aging, would that explain the existence of real life vampires? Sounds like a meme question for the philosoraptor, but interestingly enough both diverse subjects do exist in real life.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, while many would love to forget Twilight ever existed, they did raise the interesting question: how could vampire babies ever reproduce?

First off, we’ll look at how young blood reverses aging… in mice. Researchers found that if they injected old mice with the blood of a younger generation then they could navigate mazes and recall situations better than control mice. The opposite reaction was seen when old blood was injected into young mice; they seemed to suffer from premature aging, including a noted slowness in the creation of new cells.

None of the tests determined whether or not this increase the lifespan of the older generation, but they believe with further studies they could determine how to resolve multiple diseases:

“Most diseases that affect industrialized nations have a very strong aging component, and these are currently studied in isolation. But age is the key risk factor for all these diseases. If we understand the aging process in enough detail, we can begin to tackle the underlying mechanisms rather than treating one disease at a time.”

Unfortunately, no one knows if young blood reverses aging in humans since, without getting into real life vampires, the donors for blood transfusions are not tracked based upon age since donations are generally made anonymously. Of course, this issue does raise a frightening prospect: if young blood reverses aging, does having old blood put into a younger human do the exact opposite?

So at this point you’re probably wondering about those real life vampires. Yes, they do exist. Unfortunately, one 23-year-old man’s vampire-like blood addiction reportedly began with him hacking at his own chest, belly, and arms with razor blades, so that he could drink his own blood from a cup. But other real life vampires may not be very normal but nor are they homicidal according to one couple who regularly drinks blood:

“There’s vampires everywhere. Vampires can be doctors, nurses, solicitors, bank managers, mechanics, someone working in your local supermarket your friends, your family. We could be anyone.”

In (some) vampire lore it’s said you can weaken a vampire by injecting them with blood from the dead. So if young blood reverses aging, and the opposite is true, it seems like these real life vampires might want to double-check the year of the vintage they’re drinking.