All-New EVE: Valkyrie Comic and EVE Universe Will Be Born Soon As CCP Games and Dark Horse Extend Synergy

CCP Games, the maker of Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) games has extended it tie–up with comics publisher Dark Horse Comics for two new projects.

Based on the massively popular sci-fi sandbox MMO EVE, the duo will work on two new projects: an EVE: Valkyrie Digital Comic and the EVE Universe: The Art of New Eden book. EVE: Valkyrie is the second comic project created by the two companies. They had earlier collaborated on EVE: True Stories. As the name directly implies, the new endeavor is based on CCP’s Oculus Rift dogfighting simulation. The comic series will tell the story of the very first and bold Valkyrie pilots. As it is a story based on nascent events, it will gradually build and showcase the rise of the brave Valkyrie pilots in the EVE Universe.

EVE MMO Being developed in Comic & Book By Dark Horse

The other project which Dark Horse will develop, EVE Universe: The Art of New Eden book, will offer the readers a walk, or more of a spiraling ride, deep into the vast galaxy-spanning universe of EVE. As is the case with almost all the books that Dark Horse develops, this book too will have never-before-seen art, concept sketches and renders that established the distinct look and feel of one of the biggest sci-fi online games. Dark Horse creative team will closely work with CCP’s creative teams, developers and concept artists to ensure the final book will have realistic representations of factions, spacecraft, planets, mercenaries and pilots of the EVE universe, reported Gamasutra.

Dark Horse is one of the most forward thinking and highly driven comic book developers and publishers. “With the EVE Universe: The Art of New Eden book we will once again tap into the CCP art vault and present an even deeper examination of CCP’s epic universe through its striking imagery,” shared Dave Marshall, Editor, Dark Horse.

Project Black Sky Will Have Characters Developed by Dark Horse

If this collaboration with CCP isn’t exciting enough, Dark Horse has taken on a new challenge that is bound to cause a wave of nervous anticipation among fans of Project Black Sky, one of the more contemporary approaches for comic book, which is choc–a–block with many characters. “Project Black Sky” is certainly an ambitious project that is serving as the culmination of sorts for the many characters Dark Horse has been adding to its new superhero universe, reported Comic Book Resources.

Project Black Sky Will Have Many More Characters Courtesy: Dark Horse

With so many projects being developed simultaneously there is certainly a lot to look forward to from Dark Horse.

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