Vince Carter, Mavericks Fall To Spurs in Game 7

In the end, Vince Carter and the Dallas Mavericks just didn’t have enough to overthrow the defending Western Conference Champions in game seven on Sunday. Carter, who was accused of flopping in game six, could do nothing but watch as the Spurs toppled the Mavericks 119-96.

Tony Parker lead the Spurs with 32 points as the Spurs lead from end to end in this laugher of a game seven. Danny Green contributed 16 points while Manu Ginobili added 20 points off the bench as the Spurs advanced to the second round despite being pushed to the limit by Carter’s Mavericks. In the end however, Carter finished with just 10 points while Dirk Nowitzki lead the team with 22.

As mentioned earlier, Vince was accused with a massive flop against the Spurs in game six that helped the Mavericks push the Spurs to game seven in the first place. According to

“With a little under six minutes to go in regulation and San Antonio leading 92-91, Carter found himself defending Kawhi Leonard on the perimeter. Leonard pushed off slightly with his left hand, making minor contact with Carter. In response, Carter turned and launched himself backwards, flinging his upper body nearly to the ground.

The response was totally inconsistent with the level of contact.” also mentioned that “during the 2013 playoffs, the NBA removed the free warning given to floppers during the regular season and imposed a $5,000 fine upon the first offense.” However to this date, there have been no flop warnings levied on players in any playoff game. And as of this post, Carter has yet to receive a call from the NBA offices as to whether or not he’ll be fined.

The NBA playoffs will continue on and league executives will be mindful to watch closely the flops by players as the second round continues. So far, the first round has been one of the most exciting rounds in history. The Oklahoma Thunder series had four overtime contests before finally being wrapped in seven games thanks to a dominating performance by Kevin Durant.

The Brooklyn Nets wrapped up their seven game series with the Toronto Raptors on a decisive block on Kyle Lowery in the closing seconds on Sunday afternoon. And the Los Angeles Clippers overcame the major distraction of team owner Donald Sterling’s racist remarks to overtake the Golden State Warriors in seven games as well.

The NBA playoffs continue, minus Vince Carter and his impressive flops, this week.