‘Big Time Rush’ Star James Maslow Discusses Sexy ‘DWTS’ Performance

Big Time Rush star James Maslow recently took a moment to defend his “sexy” Dancing with the Stars performance.

Last week’s episode of the televised competition found the singer tackling the samba with partner Peta Murgatroyd. Although some people apparently thought the routine was a little too sexed up, the Big Time Rush alum explained that’s precisely what producers of DWTS wanted to see.

“I’ve seen mostly positive comments, but some people said it might have been a little too sexy last night, but producers wanted us to take it to a place where it was so sexy it was almost controversial. Ultimately, it worked well with the night’s theme — if I didn’t take off my shirt, for example, I would have been the only guy that didn’t,” Maslow recently blogged.

The Big Time Rush star added, “My chemistry with Peta does come naturally. We work well together and have become really good friends and the longer we do this the easier it is to perform dances. You get to know somebody on a certain level when you work with them, but beyond that, it’s nice to know them on a personal level — especially with the intimate dances that we’re doing.”

James Maslow and his partner will attempt the Viennese waltz on the next episode of the show. Although he loves doing sexy dances with Peta, the Big Time Rush singer said it’s “nice to have a change and to have a classic dance and a classy approach to how we do it.”

Since the other members of Big Time Rush are very busy with other projects, many fans are deeply concerned about the group’s musical future. The Inquisitr previously reported that the group isn’t breaking up, but Maslow said the band isn’t a high priority at the moment.

“We’re still together, but we’re doing our own thing, so it’s not going to be a priority over individual projects, because we need that for the next step in our lives and careers obviously,” James recently told Parade.

The singer added, “But there’s a really good chance that we will tour again. We’re talking about it now. We’re open to it, we’re looking at markets. There’s still a big market and a lot of fans out there that want us to tour, so as soon as we all can get together and figure out schedules, we will make it happen.”

Fans of Nickelodeon’s Big Time Rush should definitely catch James Maslow’s routine on this week’s episode of Dancing with the Stars.