Ozzy Osbourne To Get A knighthood? Online Petition Gets Over 10K Signatures

ozzy osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne isn’t the first person who springs to mind when one thinks of knighthoods and being called “Sir.” Nevertheless, one avid fan of the music legend has started an online petition on Causes.com in a bid to try and get the “Godfather of Heavy Metal” a knighthood.

The petition currently has 10,741 signatures of people who agree that Ozzy Osbourne should be knighted. Only 9,259 more are required for I’m not sure what. Surely the Queen won’t give him a knighthood just because of a few thousand signatures on some random online petition.

Helen Maidiotis is the culprit fan who started the whole thing, having come up with the idea earlier this year. Back in February she started the petition and has garnered a significant amount of interest in her campaign- which has only ten weeks left – in the hope of catching the attention of Britain’s Honors and Appointments Secretariat, David Spooner.

In the petition Maidiotis wrote:

“I am petitioning for Ozzy Osbourne, frontman for Black Sabbath, to receive a Knighthood after over 40 years of service to the music industry. Now in his mid 60’s, I believe the time has come for him to receive a Knighthood. Please consider Mr Osbourne for this honour as it is well deserved and long over due.”

She also wrote on the page’s mission statement:

“I am campaigning for Ozzy Osbourne to receive a Knighthood, as he thoroughly deserves this honour not only for all his charity work but for all his years entertaining us and helping make a difference to peoples’ lives who have looked up to him.”

The eager fan spoke to the Birmingham Mail about his campaign to get Ozzy Osbourne knighted saying:

“I have fought long and hard for this along with my followers on The Knighthood Of Ozz Facebook page, and though, at times, I feel like we are not getting anywhere, I am not one for giving up. I intend to see this right through to the end, whatever the outcome.”

It remains to be seen whether the online campaign will, in fact, get Ozzy Osbourne a knighthood. What is for sure is that there are tens of thousands of people out there who believe he does deserve the honor.