White Supremacist Who Raped And Tortured Step Daughters For Being ‘Latina’ Flattened Their Feet With Hammers

A white supremacist in Massachusetts who was recently arrested for torturing and raping his two teenage stepdaughter over a period of five years because they were “part Latina,” is facing 21 criminal counts after he was reported to the police.

The suspect in question, Justin Ladd, aged 33, is a self-confessed Neo-Nazi. He is accused of slamming his stepdaughter’s feet with hammers until they were flat, and frequently pulled on their tongues with pliers.

As if that weren’t enough, he is also accused of beating the girls with belts and sexually assaulting them; the girls are now aged 14 and 16. Ladd is charged with abusing the girls from September 2008 until February 2013.

In order to keep his stepdaughters in check and fearful, Ladd told them that if they told their mother what he had been up to he would arrange for them to raped by a motorcycle gang, who would then kill them.

According to the police report, Ladd felt he had the right to do anything he wanted to the girls as they were half Latina, and would force them to exercise to exhaustion while smashing them with a hammer if they stopped.

Just to make this already horrific and unthinkable story even worse. Ladd is said to have made his stepdaughters dance like monkeys for his amusement while stating: “If you’re not white, you’re not right.”

The girls told police that Ladd used a lot of heroin and on one particular occasion held the head of one of the girls underwater because he didn’t enjoy her cooking. He also touched them intimately and said: “This is what your mom takes every night.”

Christina Fintonis told reporters that Ladd, his wife, and their five children stayed with her for a week last year. That’s when she witnessed one of Ladd’s attacks.

“All of the sudden, he yells up for the oldest daughter – she’s 15 now – to come upstairs to do something for him, and all of the sudden the house shook, and we heard a big bang and were like, ‘What was that?” she said, continuing, “She came down bawling her eyes out, and she said, ‘He grabbed my face and slammed me into a wall’.”

At that point. Fintonis called the police and the Department of Children and Families (DCF) who took the children into care.