‘Zayn Malik Seems A Bit Cocky And A Bit Full Of Himself,’ Says Perrie Edwards

Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards relationship in the news again.

It seems that not everyone was all that impressed with Zayn Malik at first. His fiance Perrie Edwards recently spilled the beans about the beginning of their relationship and says that she wasn’t that impressed with him at first.

During an interview found on UnrealityTV, Perrie said the following about the beginning of their relationship:

I didn’t really like Zayn when I first met him, because I didn’t know him and he seems a bit cocky and a bit full of himself.

However, it seems that Zayn was the one to pursue Perrie and now the couple are happily engaged!

Then I realised that he’s the most sweetest, most amazing person in the world. So you just need to get to know someone really.

The pair, who supposedly started dating a few years ago, almost didn’t start dating according to Perrie:

I think we texted every day after we met anyway and then it just happened. But he pursued me.

Much to the dismay of several One Direction fangirls, the couple announced their engagement this past August and have been actively planning their wedding. Both of the stars have been busy with their own careers, so planning has been a bit slow, but sources close to the Malik family say that a ceremony will likely take place at the end of the year.

The relationship between Perrie and Zayn has been under fire ever since they announced their romance, but the couple appears to have unconditional support their families.

Currently the couple is opposite ends of the globe as Malik and his 1D band mates are currently in the throes of their world tour, which is currently playing across South America. Perrie’s band Little Mix is currently rehearsing for their own tour in London. The two keep in touch through texting, phone calls, and video calls.

One Direction has been making headlines lately while on tour. One report states that the group is afraid for their safety while in South America and have considered hiring decoys. This news followed a picture posted on social media in which 1D members Zayn and Liam appear to be simulating an oral sex act. On a much brighter note, Zayn Malik offered up his first ever One Direction guitar to benefit a charity auction for a Scottish benefactor.