Kelly Osbourne Shaves Head, Keeps Purple Mohawk

Kelly Osbourne is the latest celebrity to shave her head but one of the few to decide to go with a Mohawk. The Fashion Police star showed off her new ‘do on Instagram in several post-shave pictures. While Kelly has been sporting lilac hair for quite some time, it appears that she went darker with the purple too, giving her hair more depth. She seems to really love the new look and she’s getting some positive feedback from fans as well.

The former reality TV star wrote on Instagram:

“With @fraankie cutting off more hair! I wonder how long before I shave the hole thing off?”

And then she teased fans about her color:

“Have I gone blue, green, or back to blond? You shall have to wait and see!”

Kelly Osbourne is not only in the public eye but as a fashion correspondent, she is forced to stay on top of the trends and change her look semi-frequently. Whether that means a new haircut, a different style outfit, or interesting nail art, Kelly does a great job finding herself among what is considered popular. Some people define having fashion sense as bringing one’s own personality to a given trend — and most people would agree that Kelly does this with ease.

According to Us Weekly, Kelly has been playing with her look over the past month and it looks like she’s finally gone “all the way” in regard to the shaving. It’s unlikely that she will take even more hair off — but you never know.

Kelly Osbourne has been transforming herself little by little. As previously reported by,Osbourne has plans to lose weight and have her tattoos removed. After her split from fiancé Matthew Mosshart, Osbourne felt the need to change herself — to make herself better. It’s taking some time but Kelly seems dedicated to this new lifestyle and she seems happier.

And Kelly isn’t in any kind of a rush to get back into another relationship. She recently said that she plans on being single for a long time — and there isn’t anything wrong with that. Sometimes people just need a break from relationships because they can be draining. It sounds like Kelly is on a mission to make her life better and so far, she seems to be doing a great job. The most important thing about making life changes is making them for the right reasons — and Kelly is certainly going down the right path.

Do you like Kelly Osbourne’s new look?

[Photo courtesy: Kelly Osbourne / Instagram]