Washington Redskins to do list

The Washington Redskins added 12 players to their team via the NFL draft, so one would think the evaluation of those players would be the top priority. However, the Redskins did not add a QB to the mix. Donovan McNabb will not return, and Rex Grossman and John Beck are not adequate replacements. Beyond the fact that both are due to become free agents. To further compound their problem they have six free agents to be running backs to sort out. Luckily, Ryan Torian is not one of them. This is a team that is going to look very different, very soon.

The Redskins drafted three WR prospects to help restock their WR corps. Even if they resign Santana Moss, his days as a number one receiver are fading. Other than all of that, the offense is what it is a group of younger players (for the most part) that needs to find its way. They need training camp to start sooner rather than later as they have a lot of things to sort out.

To be blunt, this is a rebuilding team that is searching for a new core of young players to build around. Exactly how long that takes, will largely determine how fast they can return to respectability. They are doing in the right way by trading down in the NFL draft and picking up extra picks. I am a big fan of the wide net strategy used by teams in this exact situation. I would expect, given enough time, for the Redskins to bring in a ton of unsigned free agents to find a few diamonds in the rough.

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