May 4, 2014
'Batman: Arkham Knight' Villains Confirmed And Rumored

The Batman: Arkham Knight villains could easily be what makes or breaks the upcoming title from Rocksteady and Warner Bros, giving the dark knight his final challenge in the bestselling series.

Origins was considered a weak point in the infamous Arkham series, going back to when Bruce Wayne was still learning to be his alter ego with a game so glitchy it lost some of its fan base. For many gamers, the series left off at the end of Arkham City, where the Joker had allegedly died, along with Ra's Al Ghul. If the game wasn't tricking us once again, those two are officially out of the lineup for the final chapter.

Harley Quinn probably has the most reason at this point to take out Batman, misplacing her rage at Joker's death after having gotten pregnant with his baby (revealed in an Easter Egg). Two-Face was confirmed as a major villain as well, alongside Penguin and Riddler, as previously reported by The Inquisitr and early screen shots of the game. Some loose ends from Arkham City include Bane, Mister Freeze, Poison Ivy, Deadshot, and Hush (who reconstructed his face to look like Bruce Wayne and wasn't seen again).

According to the IMDb, some other villains have been cast in Batman: Arkham Knight, pointing even further to the possibility of an explosive finale. Deadshot and Man Bat have both apparently landed voice actors for the game. Writing credits list Scarecrow for a comeback, even though he has allegedly been announced as one of the major villains and hasn't yet had a voice actor assigned.

Originally meant as a joke character, Man Bat is the mutation of a villain made for Batgirl, a man who literally sprouted wings like a bat and commits crimes for which the dark knight gets blamed. If he teams up with Hush this time, Batman could be fighting the police as well as the Batman: Arkham Knight villains.

Photos have also revealed Commissioner Gordon and his daughter Barbara (Oracle) joining the fight on screen this time, and the Batmobile will play a bigger part in the game. Rocksteady's next adventure will also be a current gen exclusive, so PC, Xbox One, and PS4 will be the only platforms to see the title.

While the remaining details on the game are being kept as much a secret as Batman's identity in the comics, the Batman: Arkham Knight release date is still expected to hit in October. The rumors of a delay were a mis-communication surrounding the announcement of an Injustice sequel.

Which characters do you expect to see on the list of Batman: Arkham Knight villains?

[image via Nerdist]