Ariana Grande And Jai Brooks Rekindle Their Broken Romance [Rumor]

Ariana Grande is busy putting the finishing touches on her new album, but she’s apparently also found time for a little romance.

For those who aren’t completely plugged in to Grande’s love life, the singer dated the Australian entertainer prior to her relationship with Nathan Sykes. While most fans assumed that Ariana had officially put Brooks out of her mind, it would appear that she’s had a change of heart in recent days.

The folks at Hollywood Life apparently found someone willing to speak exclusively about Ariana Grande’s rekindled romance with her ex-boyfriend. Since the website always has a knack for finding someone to dish on just about any hot topic, it’s best to approach the following quote with extreme skepticism.

“They have been seeing each other daily for a while now. He apologized for making up all the lies about her cheating and they are back!” the insider explained.

The rumors about Grande and Brooks seemingly began after the former couple issued a few posts on Twitter. These tweets reportedly consisted of several mushy emoticons, suggesting that the pair were once again pursuing a romantic relationship. Beyond these cryptic messages, Ariana and Jai haven’t publicly commented on the situation as of this writing.

If you need more proof that Grande is back with her ex, then E! Online thinks you should have a look at Ariana swapping spit with Jai backstage at the iHeart Radio Awards last week. Take a look at the image embedded below.

This surprising turns of events follows Grande’s recent declaration that she’s finished dating good boys. Since her relationship with Nathan Sykes ultimately crashed and burned, she decided to shift her focus to fellas with an edge. It would seem that Brooks fits that description.

“[I like a guy with] lots of tattoos… I don’t really have a type, type. But I love guys that can make me laugh. I love funny guys, I love a bad boy. I tried the good boy thing for a minute and I was like, ‘No, Oh my gosh, that won’t work,’” Ariana recently explained.

Although Jai was a little irritated that Ariana Grande ended up jumping into Sykes’ arms last year, it would appear that all is forgiven. What do you think about the Sam & Cat star getting back together with her ex-boyfriend?

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