Watch Chelsea Vs. Norwich City Live Online, Premier League Streaming Video

Fans can watch the Chelsea vs. Norwich City football match live online and see if Chelsea can rebound from its Champions League exit to keep its title hopes alive in the Premier League.

Chelsea still has a glimmer of hope in the Premier League, sitting two points off the top spot in the league. But the Blues would need losses from both Liverpool and Manchester City, who are tied at the top of the league with 80 points.

The teams meet at 4 pm local time on Sunday.

Earlier this week, coach Jose Mourinho said a title is more than likely out of reach the Blues this year, especially after the team’s exit in the Champions League Semifinals this year.

“We are realistic, but at the same time we are optimistic,” Mourinho said. “When things go in a certain direction, there is a moment where you dream and you think that things are possible, even if things are not. And because we did well in the Champions League and in the Premier League, there was a moment where we felt we could do it.”

Mourinho said he actually stopped considering a Premier League title some time ago.


“In the Premier League it was the match against Aston Villa that made me believe that we had no chance to be champions,” he said. “In the Champions League, it’s the same. We knew that teams had more potential than us and were more ready than us to win the competition, but because you go step by step and beat Paris Saint-Germain after a 3-1 defeat, you build your dream.”

Fans who watch the Chelsea vs. Norwich City match live online will see if Norwich can rebound from a 4-0 defeat to Manchester United last week. Coach Ryan Giggs said he needs to keep the team mentally focused against Chelsea.

“It is very easy to get into the mentality when you are on a losing run. They say winning can become a habit and we have to make sure losing doesn’t become a habit,” he said.

Fans who want to watch the Chelsea vs. Norwich City match live online can click here. Viewers in the United States can watch through NBC Sports Extra.