Meth Addicts Before And After: 8 Disturbing Photos To Steer You Away From The Drug

Methamphetamine, or meth, has evidently played part in some of the worst crimes ever committed. Recently, the horrid influence of meth was reported when a mother of two was charged with stomping her own 9-year-old son to death. According to police, she was constantly under the influence of meth, which may have contributed to her vicious acts.

The mother, Synthia Varela-Causas, has been in and out of prison for 20 years due to crimes ranging from meth possession to prostitution. She says she never meant to kill her son and that she just “kicked him the wrong way”. However, petty excuses won’t help her case any longer. Causas is currently detained at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Albequerque.

Throughout her crime-laden life, Causas has had her share of mugshots which, coincidentally, speaks loudly about her descent to drug use. Here was Synthia in 2000 when she was first charged with meth possession:


And here she is in 13 years later, presumably after a decade of incessant abuse of methamphetamine:


Her meth-related transformation was truly terrifying, but Sylvia’s change is nowhere as horrible as the following photos of people before and after they abused the drug.


Here is a meth user’s mugshot when he was 36. Three years later…


Here he is. Scabs have formed all around the face. One of meth’s side effects is feeling a crawling sensation on one’s face, driving them to compulsively scratch and pick on their cheeks and nose which results to disfiguring scabs.


This 27-year-old woman is reasonably attractive. Unfortunately, meth use will eventually take away her youthful beauty.


This is the same woman, three years later. It is terribly shocking how meth changes one’s features in a very short time.



This woman was 48 when this picture was taken. She can almost pass as your typical middle-aged suburban neighbor, or a local 8th grade history teacher.


This is the same woman, five years of meth abuse later. Her physical appearance has drastically been different. Aside from scabs and sores, her mouth appears to be swollen and almost devoid of functional teeth. Experts call this meth mouth, a condition characterized by severe decay of the teeth and infection of the gums. Meth use usually lead to dry mouth and grinding of the teeth which may be the direct cause of this unattractive condition.

There are several institutes that you can consult for help and advice regarding meth use and its effects, including the National Meth Hotline and

[Images from respective police stations and]