WWE News: Batista Refuses To Lose To Daniel Bryan, Opts To Leave Instead


In Pro-Wrestling, you’re always going to have divas. They aren’t always female however, as the WWE has plenty of men who act all high and mighty and do not want to do certain things. They will pitch a fit until you, as management, give in. Then once you do, it’s over. They are now on top.

Perhaps one of the worst ideas WWE had in some time was to bring back Dave Batista. While the idea was not bad in theory, the run never really got off the ground. It could have been how he was booked of course. The original concept was to have Batista win the Royal Rumble, then win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 30. That’s right everyone, WWE planned to literally hand the World Title to Batista after being back literally three months over anyone else who has been around for years.

As we know by now, WWE changed their minds and had Daniel Bryan win instead. This turned out well for the WWE fans and of course, WWE in general. The fans literally made Bryan, unlike Batista who was made by the WWE machine itself. Since leaving the WWE a few years ago, Batista has been quite busy. He is now set to be in a big summer blockbuster, Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy”.

The plan was always for Batista to come in, work a few PPVs then leave to promote the film. However, the original idea was to have Batista come in and work up until the Payback PPV in June. Of course, the original concept was also to have him become the WWE World Heavyweight Champ too. Naturally, plans changed.

Yet WWE still planned to have “The Animal” around until June, as he would only need to be gone for a month or so to promote the film coming out this August.

Batista did not want to work the Payback PPV because he was set to take on Daniel Bryan for the Title. He was going to lose because he would have left right after. Due to the fact that Batista tapped out at WrestleMania to Bryan, he felt that losing to him again in a similar way would not be good. According to sources, Batista felt that losing to someone so small would not help him be remembered when he returns to the company. He also felt it would hurt the promotion for the upcoming movie.

Instead of doing the match, Batista declined and is now set to leave after Extreme Rules and is no longer scheduled for anything after the event. It’s rumored that Dave will get “hurt” in the match against The Shield at Extreme Rules and be back near SummerSlam.

It really doesn’t make sense as one more loss to his record would not really kill him. That’s just my two cents however.

Batista’s return has not gone well. Some of this was not on him, but rather the booking of WWE. Fans did not want to see him handed everything when Bryan, who earned it, had nothing. The same reasoning was what made CM Punk leave, which set more fans against Batista. Now refusing to do business is not going to help his credibility with the fans. I hope he understands that the same people who watch WWE will also be the one’s watching movies in the summer time. Do you really want to tick everyone off?