A ‘Firefighter Wife’ Explains How 27 Days Of Sex Could Rekindle A Marriage

One firefighter’s wife is turning up the heat in marriages across the country. Lyn Backlund, a “firefighter wife,” author and mother of three, had nearly given up on any chance of rekindling the flames of her marriage to her high school sweetheart and firefighter husband, when she says she decided to pray to God to help him reignite the passion in her marriage. A lifelong Christian, and active member of her community, Backlund had just delivered a child and was too exhausted to feel the attraction she once had for her husband.

On top of that, Backlund knows that her husband’s job is dangerous. Even when she tries not to think of it, the media reminds her. A Midland firefighter was laid to rest last week in Texas, after a gunman, Nestor Castro Jr., killed the firefighter and then himself. Odessa Fire and Rescue Engineer Cody Ritchie attended the funeral of the fallen firefighter, Henry “Trey” Rodriquez, according to a CBS affiliate reporter. Ritchie said, “When you become a firefighter you join a brotherhood, and when you’re a firefighter, that brotherhood is everywhere.” A firefighter’s wife’s life is spent not knowing when her spouse will return home and sometimes worrying if he will make it home at all. Last month, thousands of firefighters gathered at the funeral of firefighter, Lt Edward Walsh, according to The Boston Globe. Walsh’s mother, a firefighter’s wife, comforted his widow. Walsh and another firefighter, Michael R. Kennedy, both lost their lives in that fatal blaze. Firefighters’ wives know that dangerous scenarios of all kinds await their husbands on a regular basis, and these women have formed bonds with each other, as well, in order to cope.

All these factors weighed heavily on Backlund when her husband began firefighting, but she says, a commitment of 27 days of sex rekindled the love affair with the man she was suddenly afraid to love. Backlund said, “My marriage was a wreck when he first got into Fire Academy. There aren’t any programs set up for firefighter wives like there are for Army wives, or Police wives, for example. But we worry, fear, and have lots of the same struggles. Our men see so much. Most people don’t realize most firefighters are also First Responders, which means they are the first on medical scenes too. Car crashes. Suicides. Drug overdoses. It can be really tough. We do not have any one to talk to about this stuff.” Backlund describes how to muster the energy and desire to have sex for 27 days in a row in her book, How 27 Days of Sex Changed Everything. The book was published by Firefighter Wife Academy.

Backlund says the mission of the organization that published her book is to change the high divorce rate that comes with fire service. The organization also has built a community to help firefighters’ wives know they aren’t alone. Backlund told Inquisitr, “The first two years my husband was becoming a firefighter and going through fire academy it was the worst years of my life.” Lyn believes that the lessons she has shared with her “firefighter wife sisterhood” through her book can easily be applied to a majority of marriages, not just those affected by the fire service.

[Original photo by Justin Hall, modified]