James Rashawn Johnson: Accused Molester Sues Victim For Defamation

James Rashawn Johnson, a man who allegedly admitted to molesting his own cousin, Ashley Foster, is now suing the victim for defamation.

What prompted the 23-year-old accused molester to sue Foster was a poster Ashley posted on her Facebook page, where the picture of Johnson was placed below a header which read: ” Stop Child Molestation!!” Sources say that because Johnson was never charged nor arrested by the police for his alleged sex crimes, having his likeness on the poster is possibly unlawful.


In a statement revealed by WPTV, Johnson wrote:

“My picture appeared on Facebook as ‘a predator’, which I have never been arrested, prosecuted, or convicted of”

According to sources, Foster had a strong case against Johnson, who reportedly admitted to molesting Foster for six years until she was 19. However, Johnson was never prosecuted because the statute of limitations had run out when Foster brought Johnson’s alleged acts to the authorities two years ago. Foster was reportedly 60 days late in filing the charges, dismissing his case against Johnson altogether.

Disturbed by the inefficient policy, Foster started a campaign to amend the law so that the statute of limitation will not apply with sexual molestation cases like what she experienced. The campaign garnered much support from citizens of Palm Beach County Florida where Foster resides.

However, her use of Johnson’s likeness in her campaign posters sparked outrage from the accused molester’s camp, who claims that because Johnson was never prosecuted for molesting the victim, the posters which featured his face were defamatory.

Foster never got to see her day in court when she accused Johnson of molesting her. But now, she will face Johnson before a judge as a defendant. In an interview, Foster said:

“I feel like I’m being re-victimized all over again”


The alleged victim has received much support from netizens, some of whom believed that Johnson’s charges were preposterous given the circumstances of his past acts against Foster. Facebook user Steph GoodVibes said:

“Stay strong Ashley! We love you and have your back. You’ll be on our minds, and in our hearts and prayers You’re doing the right thing and not only do YOU know it, but now everyone knows it so you’re going to do great. I just hope your soul finds some peace in all of this. I admire you more than you’ll ever know *hugs*”

James Rashawn Johnson’s case against his alleged victim will be heard in court next week.

[Images from Facebook]