High School Girl Gives Alleged Bullies A Big Surprise: Semen-Filled Cupcakes?

In the last seven years, bullying has become a national epidemic that has plagued more than 3 million children each year. However, one teenage girl decided to fight back by taking matters into her own hands. Its definitely safe to say she took drastic measures to get even with her oppressors.

According to WPTV, a 10th grader is accused of passing out semen-filled cupcakes to her alleged bullies. The incident which took place on Thursday, May 1 at Centennial High School in Bakersfield, CA was reported to the RTV6 by a student who gave a first-hand account of what she’d witnessed. When the students began eating the cupcakes, they complained about them having a funny taste. That’s when the girl revealed that she’d laced them with semen and other questionable additives.

She explained that the cupcakes were not only laced with semen, but a number of potentially harmful ingredients were also in the cupcakes. Several news outlets have reported that public hair, bodily fluids, expired food, and pills are among the number of possible substances that were found in the cupcakes.

The unidentified girl recounted that one of the students actually passed out after consuming one of the cupcakes.

The Bakersfield Police Department reported that the cupcakes had all been destroyed so no tests were performed to confirm the ingredients. However, Bakersfield Police Sergeant Joe Grubbs insists that the cupcakes were only made with “mayonnaise, barbecue sauce, and soy sauce.” Unfortunately, it cannot be confirmed. Although these ingredients are unconventional for baking cupcakes, they are safe for consumption.

Officials with Centennial High School have stated that the student’s actions have prompted immediate changes in the school’s policy: No outside food is allowed on campus. The Bakersfield Police explained that the Health Department is no longer involved in the investigation since the cupcakes could not be tested. Police officials also stated that no arrests have been made. However, the investigation will be ongoing.

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