We Found The Burger King Baby’s Birth Mom, Can We Do The Same For Another ‘Fast Food Found’ Adoptee?

Inspired by the reunion of the “Burger King Baby” and her birth mom, David Volk launched his own social media campaign to locate his biological mother. David Volk was abandoned at a McDonald’s restaurant in Newark in 1977. David understands from the Burger King Baby’s birth mom’s story that fast food restaurants like Burger King may have seemed like the perfect place to leave a child if the mom wants to make sure the child is found quickly, due to the high traffic found in these establishments.

Volk, who is married with a family, told NJ.com that he is not mad at his birth mother. Like the Burger King Baby, he grew up in a loving adoptive home. He is married and content, but he says to his birth mother, “I just want to get to know you.”

Like the infant left in the Burger King, Volk doesn’t have any leads or much to offer in the search for the woman that gave birth to him. He knows that when he was abandoned, he was wearing a sleeper and was wrapped in a receiving blanket. He had been placed in a brown, plastic shopping bag in the women’s bathroom with his umbilical cord still attached. When he was found, it was estimated that he was about three hours old, according to reports from 1977 in The Star-Ledger. The McDonald’s restaurant that he was found in still stands today between Carolina Avenue and Melrose Avenue in the city’s West Ward. Before being renamed at his adoption, he went by the name “Christopher McDonald,” because of where he was discovered.

Children abandoned in places like Burger King or McDonald’s are fondly referred to by Pam Hasegawa, of the New Jersey Coalition for Adoption Reform and Education, as “foundlings.” People abandoned at places like Burger King have a very difficult time locating their biological parents since they have no records, PennLive reported.

“I had a wonderful life, great family that treated me well. I got brothers and sister through adoption. I had a wonderful life. I can’t complain,” Volk told NJ.com. “In that range I’m very happy, but I just would like to complete the circle and find my birth mother. I believe some things are meant to be.” Volk realizes that his birth mom’s story won’t be identical to the story of the woman who left her infant at the Burger King, but he hopes to have his own unique reunion with our help.