WWE Extreme Rules: Why The Shield Will Beat Evolution This Sunday

WWE has really outdone themselves when it comes to The Shield. All men are not beloved by the WWE Universe and it seems like that won’t stop any time soon. The Shield is quickly becoming one of the greatest stables in Pro-Wrestling history. It seems that the WWE caught on to this well before it happened and realized that they could increase the fun with the group by having them rival The Authority, but more specifically, Evolution.

In reality, Triple H is a huge fan of all members of The Shield and loves them as a group. This is why they have been used so much and been so impressive. Triple H felt that a long time ago, and as the real-life Talent Relations guy, his opinion holds a lot. Obviously if The Game wants to work with you, that should be the greatest complement you need. So The Shield has WWE support two-fold.

Do we know who will win this Sunday when the two super powers clash? We actually do. It was actually obvious from day one, knowing Batista’s schedule. WWE has to say goodbye to Batista for a bit because he will be doing a lot of media to promote his newest film. As a result, the WWE will have to write him off.

The current plan is to have Evolution get off the same page and cost themselves the match, resulting in Batista getting “injured”. This will have him written off, and The Authority will still rival The Shield this summer. We also know that WWE wants to put The Shield over as this generation’s version of Evolution. They already allowed the Wyatt Family to beat them twice. Having them lose to two factions in a row would hurt more than help The Shield.

The only reason The Shield lost to The Wyatt’s was because the idea was to split them before WrestleMania. That obviously did not happen, so WWE had to regroup with the group and make them dominant again. Due to this, Evolution cannot win and still maintain The Shield domination.

WWE knows this very well, and as a result they will not bury The Shield this Sunday. Extreme Rules will be a good PPV overall, and at least some surprises will occur. Most feel that The Shield will do something extreme to take out Batista, which will result in him coming back later this summer to help set up a potential Battleground “War Games” concept.

For now, we know that The Shield will have a huge impact at Extreme Rules. We also know that WWE has been setting them up to win. IF WWE were to have them lose, we’d have to assume that they are either planning a split or Batista will be leaving later than anticipated. However, even despite that the WWE has only planned one match between Evolution and The Shield for a while. So chances are that the WWE will have The Shield take the win this Sunday.