NBA Playoffs: The Best Buzzer Beaters of the Last 15 Years [Video]

Damian Lillard Sinks a NBAPlayoffs Buzzer Beater.

The NBA Playoffs are a great time to watch buzzer beaters. Damian Lillard’s buzzer beater to defeat the Houston Rockets and send the Portland Trailblazers to the second round of the NBA Playoffs with only 0.9 seconds remaining in game 6 of the first round of the playoffs is a great example.

But what are the greatest buzzer beaters in the last 15 years of the NBA Playoffs? We’re glad you asked.

• Reggie Miller, Round 1, 2002

Reggie Miller’s 40-foot bank shot in the NBA Playoffs buzzer beater against the New Jersey Nets was amazing. Even when you go back and watch the replay, it still appears like it is too close to call if he got the shot off in time. Regardless, he did and the rest is history.

• Robert Horry, West Finals, 2002

They didn’t call him Big Shot Bob for nothing. Robery Horry was absolutely in the right place at the right time during game 4 of the Western Conference Finals in the NBA Playoffs when a loose ball was tapped out to him with only about a second left in the game. The three helped the Lakers take the series from the Kings.

• Derek Fisher, West Semifinals, 2004

You’d swear that this was actually going to be a highlight of Tim Duncan, who makes an amazing long two to put the Spurs up in this game. But keep watching and you will see one of the more amazing NBA Playoffs buzzer beaters ever from Fisher, who only had 0.4 seconds to get off the shot.

• Chauncey Billups, East Semifinals, 2004

Down by three against New Jersey, Billups gets the ball from the other side of the court with 2.9 seconds left. He promptly takes the ball down to the other side of the court and shoots a loooong three to send the game into overtime.

• Kobe Bryant, Round 1, 2006

This NBA playoffs buzzer beater by Kobe Bryant in 2006 was one of the more inexplicable buzzer beaters thanks to the fact that the Suns start off with the ball with about 7 seconds left when the normally sure-handed Steve Nash has the ball stolen. Kobe takes over from there to take the game to overtime. Then, in overtime, he cements his place in NBA Playoffs lore by making an amazing long two to win the game.

• LeBron James, East Finals, 2009

LeBron showed his greatness in the 2009 East Finals of the NBA Playoffs when he makes an amazing three for the win against the Orlando Magic.

What do you think? Does Damian Lillard’s game-winner belong on the list of great NBA Playoffs buzzer beaters?

Image via Oregon Live