‘Sad Kanye’ Photo Shows Star Out Of His Element

A “sad Kanye” photo is making the rounds online after the image was released online May 1. Today reports that the image of Kanye West was taken while he was in Mexico for a vacation with Kim Kardashian. The photo was snapped on December 10, 2013 while the couple were zip-lining, according to the time stamp. Kanye and Kim were wearing full zip-line attire about to embark on a thrill-seeking activity.

In the picture, Kim Kardashian is standing with an unidentified man smiling at the camera as Kanye is seen sitting on a chair in the background wearing a red helmet, crouched over, with a less-than-excited look on his face. The sad Kanye photo is quite amusing on many levels given the fact it’s being interpreted so many different ways.

Comments on various forums say Kanye looks “bored” or a bit “angry.” It’s possible he was just resting, waiting for the photographer to take a picture of his fiancee with the man assumed to be the zip-line instructor.

The sad Kanye photo was first seen on Reddit and it quickly drew mass attention. It’s hardly the type of setting one would picture the hip-hop singer in, after all. Whatever the appeal, it’s funny to see Kanye out of his element. He’s typically seen battling the paparazzi or strolling hand-in-hand with Kim at any number of glamorous destinations they frequent. This was hardly a glitzy Hollywood appearance!

Tumblr has a page that is titled Sad Kanye. A collection of Kanye photos are uploaded with hilarious captions which speculate on what he’s thinking. A picture on there is similar to the body language seen in the sad Kanye photo in which he’s at a fashion show, looking down with his hands together as he listens to Jared Leto next to him. The caption reads, “Jared Leto’s hair was so upsetting.” In another photo, he watches a runway model in a teal dress and the caption reads, “I just loathe teal.”

Inquisitr’s other latest article on Kanye and Kim involved their rumored secret wedding speculated on a few weeks ago.

When it comes to celebrities who look serious — or even mad — Kanye West is probably the best one to poke fun at. It’s one of the 36-year-old’s famous trademarks. It’s definitely worked as a branding strategy. No one can argue that!

The juxtaposition of Kim Kardashian looking at the camera smiling while Kanye sits behind her looking down without explanation, is humorous on its own. Clearly, none of it was planned. That’s what makes the sad Kanye photo such a buzz right now.

[Image via Reddit]