Hailee Steinfeld Pregnant? Baby Bump Is For ‘Ten Thousand Saints’

Is Hailee Steinfeld pregnant? The actress was spotted with a baby bump while on the set for filming the gritty drama Ten Thousand Saints but it’s not what you think.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the now 17-year-old Hailee Steinfeld has already had an interesting career as a child soldier, assassin, and more. But just recently it was announced she’ll be the Pitch Perfect 2 cast.

Now the Hailee Steinfeld baby bump photo shows her wearing a green dress, a jean jacket, and jeans while filming street scene. She must have realized how comical she looks because she kept making funny faces at the photographer and even stuck her tongue out.

At her side was co-star actor Asa Butterfield, who looked positively dour the entire time. But when the director yelled “action” Hailee became instantly as serious and snapped into her role… which has her playing a pregnant teenager.

That’s right, Hailee Steinfeld’s pregnancy is only for the film and the bump bump is as fake as you can get. In this case the movie role of an expectant mother is for a movie based on the coming-of-age novel set in New York’s punk scene. You can read the description of the novel:

“Adopted by a pair of diehard hippies, restless, marginal Jude Keffy-Horn spends much of his youth getting high with his best friend, Teddy, in their bucolic and deeply numbing Vermont town. But when Teddy dies of an overdose on the last day of 1987, Jude’s relationship with drugs and with his parents devolves to new extremes. Sent to live with his pot-dealing father in New York City’s East Village, Jude stumbles upon straight edge, an underground youth culture powered by the paradoxical aggression of hardcore punk and a righteous intolerance for drugs, meat, and sex. With Teddy’s half brother, Johnny, and their new friend, Eliza, Jude tries to honor Teddy’s memory through his militantly clean lifestyle. But his addiction to straight edge has its own dangerous consequences. While these teenagers battle to discover themselves, their parents struggle with this new generation’s radical reinterpretation of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll and their grown-up awareness of nature and nurture, brotherhood and loss.”

In this case, Hailee Steinfeld is the character Eliza, who is pregnant with Teddy’s child. The drama also stars Emile Hirsch, Ethan Hawke, Julianne Nicholson and Emily Mortimer.

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