Karen Stintz: ‘Empty Apology’ From Rob Ford Not Wanted

Karen Stintz doesn’t want Rob Ford to apologize to her because she thinks it will be an “empty apology.” According to CTV News, the Toronto mayoral candidate heard that Toronto Mayor Rob Ford made some not-so-nice comments about her whilst at a bar. Onlookers said that he was “wasted” but that’s sort of a given. The recordings surfaced on Wednesday and Stintz said that she was both “shocked” and “embarrassed” to hear Ford talk like that. Given what Ford has done and said in the past, however, the public didn’t seem too surprised.

Stintz explained:

“There hasn’t been an apology and if the mayor was going to apologize, he would have done so last night. I’m not interested in an empty apology.”

Karen Stintz wasn’t the only person on Rob Ford’s mind that night either. Not only did Mayor Ford make comments about wanting to “slam” Stintz, but he also went on a bit of a homophobic rant. He made mention of not wanting to vote for Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak because Hudak supported “raising the rainbow flag in Queen’s Park.” Ford also went on to bash Italians, using slurs not mentioned in the report.

As previously reported by Inquisitr.com, Ford is planning on getting help by going to rehab and stepping down as mayor. His decision (though not officially put into motion just yet) came after new drug photos of him surfaced online. Apparently his crack cocaine addiction is still very real — that sort of thing really just doesn’t cure itself.

Karen Stintz has taken Ford’s comments to heart and she says that having her kids go through this has been really tough:

“I explained to them that the mayor has said some mean things about mommy, and that the kids might hear about it in the schoolyard … and if they had any questions about what they heard then they should tell me about it. It’s these kinds of conversations I’ve had with my kids about crack, about trafficking, and now it’s about their mother.”

Karen Stintz said that Rob Ford needs to “get help” and that she really does hope that he gets the help that he needs (via The Torontoist). It seems as though most people hope that Ford gets help but it could be a little too late. Do you think he should have stepped down when the first drug allegations surfaced? Will he be able to have a successful career following all of his issues?

[Photo credit: Karen Stintz / Twitter]