Jimmy Fallon And Cameron Diaz Pull-Off Epic Photobombs With Unsuspecting Tourists [Video]

Photobombs are always fun to pull–off of vacationers or even ordinary citizens. But talk–show host Jimmy Fallon along with Hollywood celebrity guest Cameron Diaz managed to stage an elaborate show on unsuspecting tourists that brought out big smiles.

Visitors to the Rockefeller Center’s observation deck were in for wholesome fun and huge surprises when Jimmy Fallon convinced his guest Cameron Diaz to photobomb their photos. The late-night host and “Other Woman” star secretly hid from people on the Top of the Rock until right before the camera snapped the shot for a hilarious “Celebrity Photobomb” segment, reported Time.

In an attempt to rile up some publicity for her latest movie The Other Woman, which also stars Leslie Mann and swimsuit model Kate Upton, Cameron Diaz and Jimmy hid behind the scenes and popped up just when the cameraman said ‘cheese’, reported NY Daily News.

Discussing the entire incident on his ‘Tonight Show‘ Jimmy said, “We set up a camera on the roof of our building, the world famous Top of the Rock. We asked people if they want to get their photo taken. We told them it was for the NBC Top of the Rock website. Not true,” Of course this was all a ruse to get the unsuspecting tourists neatly lined–up for what they thought was a great photo–opportunity. “What they didn’t know is that while they were getting their picture taken, me and Cameron Diaz were going to sneak out behind them and photobomb all their photos,” continued Fallon.

Jimmy and Cameron had a blast from the photobombing session as none of the ‘poses’ were plain Jane. The duo managed to find a lot of comical poses, including one in which both wore the freajkishly large hats that Pharrell Williams wore in this ‘Happy’ song. Jimmy also shared a large hoagie with Cameron in a couple of shots. In a lot of epic photobombs, Jimmy even convinced Cameron to pose like ‘Charlie’s Angels’ which is one of the hit movie series that stars Cameron Diaz along with Drew Barrymore and Lucy Lu.

However, one of the most outstanding photobombs involved a piggy–back ride. What added to the hilarity was instead of Cameron Diaz being on top of Jimmy, it was Fallon who rode Diaz. The duo even managed to pull off hilarious and awkward ‘Karate Kid’ poses. In one of the photobombs, the duo even went all out and actually hid in vents right up to the moment the photo was about to taken and slowly emerged out to create a memorable photo.

Photobombs have always managed to crack up the people who watch them at a later stage. But Jimmy Fallon managed to create a lot many such epic moments with such a simple concept.

[Image courtesy | NY Daily News]