Watch Canadiens Vs Bruins Game 2 Streaming Online Live; 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs

the Canadiens hit the ice for game two in Boston.

Canadiens vs Bruins game two starts today at 12:30 Eastern Standard Time. Montreal won game 1 of the Bruins vs Canadiens series in double overtime thanks to the heroics of P.K. Subban. Some of the less gracious Boston fans made headlines by tweeting racist comments about Subban, whose parents emigrated to Canada from the Caribbean before P.K. was born. To their credit, many Boston fans, the Boston Bruins organization, Boston’s coach and the city’s mayor were quick to condemn the racist comments and apologize for their uncouth neighbors.

Look for Subban to take out any frustration he may be feeling on the ice – and not with the kind of rough play some players would bring to the situation. Look for Subban to be aggressive going for the back of the net.

The Canadiens rightly give much of the credit to Carey Price for their 4-3 double overtime win in the Bruins vs Canadiens game 1. Price let three pucks past him, but that’s not bad considering he faced 51 shots from an elite Boston Bruins team. Boston goalie Tuukka Rask also looked good for most of the game and was tough in overtime until Subban put one past him on the power play.

According to a Yahoo! Sports report, Boston coach Claude Julie had this to say coming into game 2 of the Canadiens vs Bruins series:

“We had some great chances there in the second half of the second. It just took us a while to get our game going. I thought from midway through the second period on, that’s where we were at our best.”

For his part, Subban is taking his goal and the game 1 win in stride, saying:

“It’s tough for him (defenseman Zdeno Chara, while playing on the penalty kill) to come out and block that (game winning) shot. I think he did all he could to get in my lane, but by the time he already did, I had already let it go… I don’t think we can even think about winning the series. When there is success you have to take it and get better.”

As for the Bruins, they’ve been down a game before – most recently in their opening round series against the Detroit Red Wings. Expect their experienced lineup – many of whom already won one Stanley Cup with Boston – to come out and play their game without allowing a game one loss to rattle them.

Don’t miss game two of the Bruins vs Canadiens series. You can watch the Canadiens vs Bruins game streaming online live here.