Salon Killings By Scott Dekraai Have Family Asking For Death Penalty

The salon killings by Scott Dekraai has the family of the victims already saying they’re hoping for the death penalty.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, in a recent execution in Florida the family of the victim claimed the murderer deserved the death penalty for raping, murdering, and dismembering a nine-year-old boy. Yet a father in Washington who gutted and dismembered his three-year-old son somehow evaded the death penalty.

In 2011, Dekraai was accused of the Seal Beach hair salon killings in which eight people were murdered. Police say the man wanted revenge on his ex-wife, Michelle Fournier, who he was battling for the custody of his children. He allegedly walked into the salon with a gun and opened fire indiscriminately, shooting at anyone inside the building. Although Dekraai escaped from the murder site, he was arrested by police as he drove away from the murder scene and he eventually confessed to investigators what he had done.

Because of the way the salon killings were carried out he was charged with eight counts of special circumstances murder and one count of attempted murder. But the trial has been a long time coming, with the family of Fournier and other victims frustrated by the delays. The defense attorneys had dragged out the proceedings when it was discovered that Dekraai was recorded talking to a jailhouse informant about the case, and this evidence was going to be used by the prosecution to seek the death penalty.

In the end, Dekraai pleaded guilty to the all eight accounts in the salon killings. This means the trial will be avoided and the jury will decide whether the man will be sentenced to death or life in prison without a parole.

But Butch Fournier, the brother of the ex-wife, believes only the death penalty is appropriate in this case:

“Today’s been one of the best days I’ve been here. I think the only thing that could top is hearing the judge say he’s getting the death penalty, and I will be there.”

Do you think Scott Dekraai deserves the death penalty for the salon killings?