Where Are The Former ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Cast Mates Now?

'Grey's Anatomy' cast members

The Grey’s Anatomy cast has changed quite a bit over the last ten seasons. While the show’s success has endured despite the several changes in the stars that have graced the set, it seems that the show may be winding down soon. With the much-anticipated return of Isaiah Washington as Dr. Preston Burke in the episode that aired on May 1st, some fans are clamoring to see the return of other popular characters who stole their hearts. While the return of some favorites like Dr. Addison Montgomery (played by Kate Walsh) or Dr. Izzy Stevens (portrayed by Katherine Heigl) seems unlikely, fans of the show can get caught up on what their favorite Grey’s alumni are up to currently.

Kate Walsh as Dr. Addison Montgomery (Shepherd): Who could forget the smart and sassy redheaded ex-wife of McDreamy? Since she has left the show, she starred in a spin-off of Grey’s Anatomy by the name of Private Practice. She since moved on to the FX channel drama Fargo.

Chyler Leigh as Dr. Lexie Grey: Since her role as Meredith’s bubbly younger sister, Chyler has signed on to play Detective Cat Sullivan on NBC’s action-comedy Taxi Brooklyn.

Kim Raver as Dr. Teddy Altman: Kim Raver’s role as former military pal of Dr. Owen Hunt only lasted for roughly 60 episodes but her role was relatively indelible. She has since moved on to play on hit shows like NCIS, Revolution, and 24: Live Another Day.

Eric Dane as Dr. Mark Sloan: If you’re like me, you felt heartbroken when Eric’s character Dr. Sloan, otherwise known as McSteamy, died. Even though he was quite the player, he still stole all our hearts. Eric Dane is set to star on TNT’s the Last Ship which sets sail this summer.

Katherine Heigl as Dr. Izzy Stevens: Dr. Izzy Stevens was perhaps one of the most multi-dimensional characters on Grey’s. Since moving on from the show, Heigl has had some movie roles, which include Life as We Know It and One for the Money. She is said to be filming a TV series called Your Right Mind which is set to premiere in 2015.

T.R. Knight as Dr. George O’Malley: Dr. O’Malley was so lovable with his curls and puppy dog eyes. Since moving on from Grey’s Anatomy T.R. Knight has appeared in Law & Order: SVU, The Good Wife, and the film 42.

Brooke Smith as Dr. Erica Hahn: She was the feisty rival to Dr. Preston Burke. Since her role on the show, Brooke has had parts in Law & Order: SVU, Criminal Minds, American Horror Story, and Ray Donovan.

Kate Burton as Dr. Ellis Grey: Kate played the role of Meredith’s brilliant mother who became confused by Alzheimer’s disease before passing away. Since the show, Kate has moved on to play several roles, most notably Vice President Sally Langston on Scandal.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Denny Duquette: Denny stole Izzy’s heart and not only broke her heart but the hearts of fans all over the world when he passed away despite efforts to save him. Since his role on Grey’s, Jeffrey has had an active career in TV and movies with credits such as Shanghai and Magic City.

Jeff Perry as Thatcher Grey: In his role as Meredith’s dad, Perry seemed to always be ‘too little too late’. He has had several roles since leaving Grey’s Anatomy, to include that of Cyrus Beene on Scandal.

And last, but definitely not least…

Isaiah Washington as Dr. Preston Burke: Originally Washington’s role on Grey’s Anatomy was axed due to claims of controversial remarks that Washington made about other cast mates. Washington didn’t do much after he left the show, but has recently wrapped production for the film short Not 4 Sale and has several other projects in the works.

Now that we’ve taken that nice walk down Grey’s memory lane, what could be in store for Dr. Cristina Yang? Will she accept Burke’s offer? We will just have to wait and see!

Grey’s Anatomy airs on Thursday nights on ABC.