College Humor Uses The Force With Star Wars Mos Eisley Cantina Band Auditions [VIDEO]

Star Wars Day is officially two days away on May 4th, 2014 and ahead of the upcoming fictional holiday College Humor has released a video that was done in collaboration with Disney and LucasFilm on the official Mos Eisley cantina set. The video centers around the Mos Eisley Cantina band auditions as a casting director along with assistant Ponda Boba assures his client Figrin D’an that the cantina’s next star is in the next group of musicians they’re about to see.

He proceeds to bring out a string of high profile stars to audition. This includes Chris Darthry (Chris Daughtry), who seems like he’ll soon be a cantina star until it’s revealed he is terrified of mouse droids. BF-1138 (Ben Folds) sings the blues about killing Ewoks while Lliz Ph’air (Liz Phair) tries to inform people about the Death Star before being booed off the stage for being a “tree hugger” and is escorted out by storm troopers. “One, two, three, four, we don’t want your galactic war!”

Droid beat boxer RG-Watts (Reggie Watts) is killing it until he malfunctions. Muark Mcccccccccc’Wrath (Mark McGrath) represents the Sand People, insisting they get an unfair rap for being too violent before overreacting at a beeping sound from Ponda Boba’s phone and going all “sand people” on his audience.

Singer Jor Din Sparks lights up the cantina next with her heartrending song about how there’s “no room for love in a Jedi’s heart,” but after her audition sends Star Wars into the Idol era by pitching for people to vote for her. “Help me, voters! You’re my only hope!”

Rick Forcefield (Springfield) attempts to dazzle the cantina crew with his Force-guitar playing, but turns out to be awful at it. Weird Al’Attaka’Duwacca (Weird Al, obviously) heads up on stage with his accordion to sing non-stop about various weird Star Wars foods. Leesa Lobe (Lisa Loeb) auditions via hologram because she’s actually a general in the galactic civil war and couldn’t be at the cantina auditions in person.

Finally, Boba Fett (MC chris) makes an appearance, insisting that he’s trying to make a living as a rapper now, refuting claims that he died in the Sarlac pit. “Are you serious, dude? I escaped that ish! Started rappin’. Had to get out of the bounty hunter game.” Fett eventually gets invited to join the Modal Nodes before a Tattooine janitor sweeping the stage hits his jet pack and sends him flying out of the roof of the cantina.

Star Wars fans have a lot to be excited about, with the new cast for Star Wars: Episode VII just announced earlier this week.

May the Fourth be with you!