Zayn Malik And One Direction In The News Again: Hiring Decoys And Donating Guitars To Charity

Zayn Malik and his One Direction band mates have been causing quite a stir as of late. Hot on the heels of a simulated oral sex act involving Liam Payne and Zayn Malik, the British boy band, who recently embarked on a world tour, are making headlines once more.

With scores of hysterical fans anticipated at their shows, the group has reportedly discussed the option of hiring decoys as a means to bump up security and make getting in and out of events easier and safer. One incident that prompted the discussion in favor of hiring decoys involved more than 200 screaming fans who threatened to storm their hotel room while they were staying in Peru during the opening leg of their tour. The police were ill-equipped to handle such a crowd and now the quintet reportedly fear for their safety. One source close to the group offered the following insight into the safety concern:

At the moment it seems to be the only way forward for security and safety on this tour. The band already have an unbelievable amount of bodyguards and protection around them but the risks are getting extreme. The boys can't sleep and are nervous about going out. They only feel safe in their private jet.
On a lighter note, Zayn Malik recently donated the first guitar that he used when 1D first began making waves to a Scottish children's charity. Kean's Children's Fund, based out of Dundee, Scotland was the lucky recipient of the guitar as well as an autographed personalized message from Zayn. The guitar is expected to fetch a $32,000 contribution for the charity after it is auctioned online. The money will go to benefit young patients of the charity. In a statement released earlier today, the founder of Kean's Children's Fund, Charlie Kean was quoted as saying:
The boys from One Direction really do support the charity but it's really Zayn and his mum Tricia that are always keen to lend a hand. I got a call from Zayn on (the) Sunday before the boys left for America and Tricia posted the guitar this week. I hope we'll get around £20,000. But the band have some really dedicated fans, so who knows?
Details of the auction are forthcoming, but as soon as that information becomes available, Inquisitr will certainly be quick to spread the word.

[Photo Credit: Teen Vogue]