Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban Face Divorce Rumors, She Is Reportedly Jealous Of His Career

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are facing divorce rumors amid reports that Nicole’s role as Grace Kelly consumed her and left her jealous of Keith’s booming career.

Kidman landed the much-coveted role in Grace of Monaco, which is set to debut at next week’s Cannes Film Festival, but reports say that producer Harvey Weinstein is less than impressed with the finished product. Weinstein reportedly demanded that changes be made, but was still embarrassed by the way the movie turned out.

This has led to speculation that Nicole Kidman was distraught and jealous that Keith’s career is blooming while her own career withers.

“As for Kidman, well she is crushed that this project that she invested so much in has turned into a mess,” reported CelebDirtyLaundry. It’s not going to breathe life into her stalling career or earn her a nomination for anything. As her work life kind of tanks her husband, Keith Urban’s career is still on fire. Keith is in LA for part of the week for American Idol and his fanbase is bigger than ever. His job has put a strain on their marriage and now Kidman is spending more time alone in Australia with her girls alone and even work isn’t making her happy or fulfilled.”

But the report itself doesn’t seem to have any source attached, meaning the Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban divorce rumor may be nothing more than idle speculation.

There have been reports of trouble in the marriage in the past, however. Back when the couple first got married, 23-year-old model Amanda Wyatt stepped forward to claim that she cheated with Keith Urban throughout his courtship with Nicole Kidman.

“I feel sorry for Nicole. Keith cheated on her repeatedly with me, right up to just before they got married,” she said. “He’s done it once and he will probably do it again. I know him as well as anyone and while he can be charming and loving, he is also someone who is constantly fighting his demons.

“I hope their marriage works – but leopards don’t change their spots. Keith is a guy who has everything, but he is never truly happy.”

Nothing came of that, however, and by all accounts the couple has been happy ever since.

Neither Keith Urban nor Nicole Kidman addressed the latest divorce rumors.