Pippa Middleton Accused Of Plumping Her Rump For Royal Wedding

Pippa Middleton made headline news when her sister, Kate Middleton, got married back in 2011, and people just couldn’t stop talking about her amazing figure. Well, it has been a few years since the royal wedding and people are still talking about Pippa’s curves. According to E! Online, Pippa has now been accused of wearing padding to shape her derriere.

The claims are being made by 50-year-old Stephane Bern, a Knight of the Order of Grimaldo in Monaco and an etiquette expert. Evidently she doesn’t feel that Pippa was being honest when it came to her perfectly plump posterior… and she’s speaking up about it:

“Of course she had a false bottom. I repeat it: She had a false bottom. You take her away from that and she has normal buttocks. It was an optical illusion; she knew there were a billion people watching. It was the moment to show it.”

Pippa Middleton and her rump have become rather famous, with men fawning over her body for months after the royal wedding. Women all over the world couldn’t even stop looking at the “perfect” Middleton sisters who both looked lovely in white on that beautiful April day at Westminster Abbey. And while people still talk about Kate and how perfect she looks on a daily basis (pregnant, post-baby, wherever, whenever), Pippa’s name only surfaces once in a great while… and nine times out of ten, it’s when someone is commenting about her behind.

Perhaps Pippa did wear butt pads of sorts (and shoulder pads and every other pad that would help her look perfect) but does that mean that she lied to civilization? Is wearing butt pads the same as wearing a padded push-up bra? Do people still even care about that sort of thing?

Pippa Middleton has joked about how she has become famous for her rear, but that doesn’t mean that she has admitted to enhancing her assets. According to the New York Daily News, Pippa knows that there are all different sides to recognition (yes, even a backside, she joked), but would butt pads completely ruin her identity?

As previously reported by Inquisitr.com,Pippa has had to deal with quite a bit since her sister married Prince William. Regardless if she gave a false representation of her body (specifically her rear end) or not, she’s still a person. And so the beat goes on for perfect, pretty Pippa. Do you think her potential butt plumping changes the way that people look at her? Would you blame her for wearing butt pads at the royal wedding?

[Photo Credit: Photo: PA/AP]