Iggy Azalea Wants To Put On Elaborate Stage Shows Like Katy Perry

Iggy Azalea has big plans for her upcoming stage shows. If fans like what they see, then they can send some love straight to Katy Perry.

Once the rapper gets big enough to play extremely large venues, Azalea wants to do the sort of stuff that leaves her supporters screaming for more. That includes all sorts of elaborate theatrics that are almost synonymous with pop shows these days.

During her recent conversation with the Daily Star, Iggy Azalea shared her plans for world domination. In addition to singing the praises of friend Rita Ora, the rapper discussed her love of Katy Perry’s over-the-top stage shows.

“Opening for Beyoncé made me realize what can happen on stage if I get the same number of fans. I’d love to be able to have sets that are two stories high, with me flying across the stage on wires and doing magic tricks like Katy Perry does,” she told the website. In short: Expect big things from Iggy down the road.

It’s also clear from her chat with the Daily Star that Iggy is a huge fan of Rita Ora. In fact, she couldn’t say enough positive things about the Fifty Shades of Grey actress during her interview.

“The sky’s the limit for Rita… Her voice can blow people away. Rita’s a superstar and she will only get bigger. She’s one of those girls that always gets the party started, she is so mischievous, it’s great going out with her,” Azalea explained.

Of course, Ora isn’t the only person who’s getting the party started these days. Iggy Azalea recently joined forces with Sam & Cat star Ariana Grande for the tune “Problem.” According to reports, it didn’t take very long for the song to become a certified hit.

Billboard believes Azalea and Grande’s collaboration could end up selling upwards of 300,000 copies during its first week of release. The website also points out that the track will likely find its way into the upper ranks of the Hot 100 chart.

“Problem’ truly represents the feeling of being absolutely terrified to re-approach a relationship that’s gone sour — but you want to more than anything. In the song it ends on a sappy, negative note, but in [real] life, we’re hoping it’s going to end on a positive one. I feel like it’s all very honest and human,” Grande said of the song.

Are you a fan of Iggy Azalea? What do you think about the rapper’s desire to put on elaborate and over-the-top stage shows?

[Image via Chaos Firm]