Thug Demands Cash From Store Clerk — Watch The Owner Deliver Epic Street Justice

Jonathan Vankin

Maen Mdanat purchased the Axis convenience store in Tucson, Arizona's rough Miles neighborhood about five years ago. Since then, he has been a leading force in the effort to clean up that area and make his community -- and his store -- a safe place for women, children, and families.

But last Saturday, he showed a different kind of force.

Now, Mdanat is a peaceful man, and as you'll see from the video, he gives the miscreant who walked into his place of business demanding cash every opportunity to be on his way with no hard feelings. But things didn't work out that way.

It was about 1:30 in the morning on Saturday when an unidentified man came into the Axis store and told Doug, the clerk on duty that night, that he wanted money. Mdanat was in his office at the time, out of view. But one look at the security monitor told him that something was not kosher about this situation.

Mdanat served in the military -- in an Army Special Forced unit -- so he is not the type who scares easily. He calmly walked out into the main store area and told the would-be robber that it was time to be on his way.

After a brief discussion, it appeared that Maen Mdanat had prevailed with reason. The man said he would leave and Mdanat walked him to the door.

But then the attempted thief made a mistake that would rock his reality, not to mention his physical well being.

The bad guy threw a straight right hand sucker punch that caught Mdanat square in the chest, moving him back briefly, off his feet.

What happens next, well, let's just say it's epic. The former soldier delivers a dose of instant karma that this unfortunate fellow is not likely to soon forget.

"He was comfortable walking in, showing his muscle, like I can do whatever I want," Maen told a local TV station. "That's basically the message he gave me when he walked in. But I changed his idea when he walked out."

When it's all over and the man appears to have learned his lesson, Mdanat asks him if he is okay.

"I'm still human," said Maen, who has now earned his own superhero nickname, Convenience Store Man. "I have kids and a wife."

The video was put together from store security footage by Peter Norback, a local community activist who says that Maen Mdanat has been an important part of the local One Can A Week program, benefitting the area's neediest citizens.