Guess What This Doctor Told A Female Patient As He Was Allegedly Molesting Her

Dr. Roger Ian Hardy

Dr. Roger Ian Hardy was one of the most respected fertility doctors in New England, consistently receiving high marks from patients and even winning awards for the “compassionate” way he treated them.

At the same time, it now appears, Dr. Hardy, 55, was frequently engaging in unwanted inappropriate and downright creepy sexual contact with female patients, who according to recent allegations, he had been molesting at least since 2004.

In fact, he told at least one patient who wanted to know why he persisted in rubbing her genitals that it was all part of her fertility treatment.

While it now appears that earlier complaints by fellow workers at the Reading, Massachusetts, based fertility clinic where Hardy was medical director went nowhere or were never filed, last October another reproductive doctor made a formal complaint with the Massachusetts medical board. The accusations caused Hardy to give up his license to practice medicine this January.

The doctor, who described herself as “horrified” shared a patient with Hardy. The patient said that Hardy rubbed her genital area extensively — telling her he was simply carrying out her fertility treatments.

When the board opened an investigation onto Robert Ian Hardy’s conduct it found that the doctor had allegedly molested female patients while they were under anesthesia, in some cases spraying their genitals with water from a medical hose.

According to another complaint, Hardy touched the breast of a woman who was still sedated from an egg-retrieval procedure, and also inappropriately touched the breast of a woman who worked at the clinic.

Hardy resigned before a scheduled January 22 hearing at which the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine, the state’s medical licensing body, planned to pull his license because Hardy was “an immediate and serious threat to the health, safety, and welfare of the public.”

A complaint against Robert Ian Hardy in 2004 from a woman who woke from anesthesia saying that she had experienced trauma in her genital area was dismissed by the board at that time with no action. But that case was reopened after the complaint from another doctor last year.

According to reports in The Boston Globe, the 2004 report went nowhere because nurses at the clinic who knew about Robert Ian Hardy’s proclivities feared for their jobs and felt they were under a “code of silence.”