Sleep Apnea Implant: New FDA-Approved Device Activates Before Bedtime

A sleep apnea implant was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration and is expected to be available by the end of this year. The Inspire Upper Airway Stimulation therapy will be the answer for sufferers unable to benefit from other forms of treatment for sleep apnea. The implant is designed to “ward off” severe to moderate sleep apnea. It’s a chronic condition that affects about 18 million people.

MSN Healthy Living published a report announcing the implant as a viable treatment option for those suffering from the disorder.

Sleep apnea has to do with the breathing passage collapsing or becoming blocked during sleep. As a result, complications from the condition can include “heart disease and increased risks of accidents and death.”

The Inspire implant contains a small-sized neurostimulation generator that doctors surgically place in the chest. A lead is also implanted that stimulates a nerve that goes from the ear to the jaw. Another sensing lead runs to the chest. The device is activated before bedtime by a remote control.

Research findings of the implant were documented earlier this year in the New England Journal of Medicine. The published report found that the treatment had a “68 percent reduction in apnea events and significant improvements in daytime function.”

What’s the price for the sleep apnea implant? That’s yet to be determined, according to a spokeswoman for Inspire Medical Systems.

Inspire officials say the implant is less invasive and has proven to show a “shorter recovery time” than surgeries sufferers must undergo in an attempt to improve their sleep apnea. The procedure involves removing a portion of the roof of the mouth or to broaden airways.

Meir Kryger, a Yale School of Medicine professor, raves about the new product designed to help sleep apnea sufferers.

Kryger said:

“This therapy represents a major advance in sleep apnea treatment for some patients.

“There is a significant need for safe, effective and well-tolerated new treatments in the sleep medicine field.”

Another Inquisitr article touched on the fact that many with sleep apnea don’t even know they have it.

This latest treatment is welcome news to the millions of Americans with this condition. Anytime the FDA approves a new treatment or drug, it’s big news because it impacts so many people looking for the right remedy for their particular health issues. Not all therapies or medicine work the same, so the demand for advancing treatments is continuous. The sleep apnea implant will hopefully help those who haven’t found the right treatment yet.

[Image via Inspire Medical Systems]