Dog Missing Since Hurricane Sandy Reunites With Family After Eighteen Months!

Time for some refreshing news. A dog that a family thought was lost during Hurricane Sandy one and a half years ago was miraculously reunited with his family, reports Yahoo! The incident happened at Monmouth County, Eatontown, New Jerset, where the family had come in to look for a new pet at the local SPCA. The incident was posted on the Facebook page of the Monmouth County SPCA page with a picture of the dog with his family, minutes after he was reunited. It has been shared and re-shared by thousands of people now after it went viral.

The dog, originally named Reckless, was lost after Hurricane Sandy hit the area where he and his owners lived. After they lost Reckless, the family searched for months before giving up -- assuming they had lost Reckless to the storm. After deciding to move on by adopting a new dog, they contacted the Monmouth County SPCA where they were told, they would be shown possible candidates that are up for adoption. The family also informed the adoption counselor what kind of dog they would prefer having.

On the day they were to see the candidates that were chosen for the family, imagine their surprise when the first dog that was showed to them was their own dog Reckless -- lost for an incredible 18 months!

According to Liz Wise of Monmouth County's SPCA, Reckless ended up in an SPCA shelter last October after he was found as a stray. They assumed that the dog was lost during Hurricane Sandy and that he was found by someone. However, he got out again and was later found by an SPCA employee who bought him in to the shelter.

The family was extremely happy to have their own dog back after 18 months. While the names of the adopters have been not revealed the picture of them with reunited with their dog is sure to bring a smile to your face. And look carefully -- is the dog smiling too in that picture?

[Image via Facebook]