Eva Mendes Bashes Rumors Of Coke Habit, Sexy Road Trip

Eva Mendes is sick of the lies! The gorgeous actress says that her sexy cross-country road romp story is utter fabrication, along with her bashing of Jennifer Lopez. The journos get credit for some amazing skills in the making-up department: I wonder if any of them worked for UK Cosmo? Just kidding.

Here’s what Eva has to say:

Lie 1
When Eva headed to Cirque this past February to “proactively attend to some personal issues,” according to her rep, word went around that she had a nasty coke habit. Eva’s response:

“Well, that is completely false! Completely, completely, totally, totally false! There’s a couple of things that have been printed — so terrible! And it’s still new to me.”

Lie 2
Eva was rumored to have insulted Jennifer Lopez, saying that she concentrated on her acting while Lopez “manages her career like the head of a big corporation.” MSN Gossip claims:

Eva’s ostensible snipe got a second wind when it was recycled on several blogs in October, but she insists to Allure, “I didn’t say that! That is so awful. And I am not an idiot.”

Lie 3
Lastly, Eva supposedly took a cross-country trip and made a sexy stop in many states, eventually racking up experience in all 50. Eva’s comments:

“I supposedly told a reporter I had taken a crazy road trip when I was younger and had sex in all 50 states,” explains Mendes. “The story went on to say what my favorite states to have sex in were [note: Arizona and Colorado — you’re welcome]. I found it so upsetting. Because I have a certain image out there. And I’m responsible for that image. And I stand by it. No apologies.”