Islamic Extremist Groups Crucifying People In Syria, And Tweeting Out The Pictures

How low is too low? How far would you go to send a message? Would you hurt others, despite what your teachings tell you, in the name of something you believe in? It seems like some Islamic Extremist groups are doing just that in Syria as they are crucifying people within the country when they do not conform to their beliefs.

Normally when you hear of people crucifying others, you think of it as mostly ceremonial. Like during the Easter time period, when people of the Christian faith do a play or drama about Jesus dying on the cross then rising up again 3 days later. However, we do not see public crucifixions anymore because of the horrific sight. People feel that showing a death is far worse than a person just dying. Who can blame them?

Crucifixions became popular in Roman culture centuries ago, and they were done as a way to show people not to mess with the government of the time. You could end up like them, so obey the rules. People would often times cross through areas where Romans had rule and see people on crosses outside the walls of the city. It was indeed a sight to behold I can imagine. While the Persians and even the Greeks first introduced the world to the crucifixion, Rome simply did it better and often as capital punishment.

It could have been the first death row, as people who were convicted of crimes would be set up to die on a cross. It was one of the most painful and torturous ways to die. Today, America has nothing like it. Even the electric chair does not hold a candle to it. As basically, people who are crucified are put through more pain than you can imagine…that’s before they are even put up on the cross.

It seems though, that some Islamic Extremists are by no means caring what the world wants to see and made that clear Tuesday in Raqqa, Syria. They are here to make a statement, and that is it. In Syria, they wanted people to conform to their beliefs and those who did not were given this punishment.

An art done before crucifixion is flogging, or basically the beat down of someone before being put on the cross. If you recall in the story of Jesus’ crucifixion, he was beaten heavily before being nailed to the cross.

People who did not listen to the Islamic extremist groups, were often times beaten before. It is just recently that crucifixions were done. Two men were beaten up and crucified just this past week as the group’s next attempt at getting some attention and sending a message to enemies, then their bloody corpses were displayed in the center of a town controlled by the most severe of Syria’s Islamist factions. Oh and to add some insult to injury, the bloody bodies were tweeted out for the world to see(title picture being one). This, so that we all know about what is going on here.

This is the same jihadist group that was kicked out of Al-Qaeda for being “too radical”. Understand that, just for a minute. This group was kicked out of the group that attacked the United States on 9/11 because THEY were too radical. That is a scary thought for the Syrian people who are now controlled by these Islamic extremist groups.

Unlike the Romans, the groups are doing these public crucifixions as well as other types of executing for all types of crimes. A person was killed via crucifixion because he stole something just last month. This in America would get a bit of jail time, depending on the item. In Syria, death.

While it sends the message to not do wrong, it also sends the message that even if you did nothing wrong but people believe you did, there is no way to get a fair shake. You simply will die. Even if the crime was minuet or you were set up, you have no chance.

The Daily Beast Claims:

“The crucifixions appear to document ISIS’s barbaric idea of justice and the group’s use of terrorism, staging brutal symbolic acts of violence, to maintain the complete obedience of the populace under its rule. The crucifixions may be disturbing to Western eyes because of their Biblical resonance. But the gruesome scene may be even more symbolically potent to the Muslim residents of Raqqa as a message about what happens to those that ISIS judges against.”

It is not just about the Islamic religion with these guys. It’s about the state of everything they think is right, and they are willing to kill to make sure you know not to cross them.

It seems that the Islamic group is doing this as a warning. People who try to take the country back or try to make it somehow different will suffer. We don’t know currently whether or not the two men murdered and crucified were trying to remove the Islamic group from power or not. We do know they paid the ultimate price for whatever they did. Now they are a warning to the world…Syria is now a war-zone, enter if you dare and be silent and follow if you already are.