Jennifer Esposito Headlines New Summer Series ‘Taxi Brooklyn’

Jennifer Esposito hasn’t really been in the Hollywood limelight over the last few years. Esposito is putting herself back in the public eye in a big way, as she’s set to headline a new summer series titled Taxi Brooklyn.

Esposito will star alongside and actress that also doesn’t get a lot of press, despite being on some of the more popular shows in American television over the last few years. Esposito is co-starring with Chyler Leigh on the oddly titled series that UPI reports will find the actresses standing over “a couple of dead bodies.”

Esposito has been cast as a character named Monica who is friends with Leigh’s Cat Sullivan. Leigh is a police detective who enlists the help of a cabbie, and her friend Monica in order to solve a series of bizarre murders.

Jennifer Esposito and Chyler Leigh are apparently supposed to be a couple of women who have a healthy relationship that allows them to talk with quite a bit of sarcasm to one another throughout the episodes. Taxi Brooklyn basically sounds like it might be another Rizzoli and Isles type in that regard.

This isn’t the first time Jennifer has taken on a crime solving role on television. As the Seattle Post Intelligencer points out, Esposito also appeared on Blue Bloods but left that series under a bit of a cloud of controversy.

Among the mysteries that Jennifer and Chyler’s characters will have to solve is the death of Leigh’s character’s (Cat) father. One executive producer for the show, Gary Scott Thompson shed some light on what Jennifer as well as Chyler will encounter during the summer series.

Taxi Brooklyn will apparently also test the friendship that Esposito and Leigh’s characters will have built during the season finale. It’s unusual for a network to allow that much information out about a new season but its clear they want this to work and want to draw in viewers.

Jennifer likely wants the series to work quite well too considering she was once an “it” girl in Hollywood and has since seen her star begin to fade.

In addition to the new series, Jennifer apparently has more good news to share with her fans, as she recently became engaged to her longtime boyfriend Louis Dowler. The couple have been together since 2012 and Jennifer confirmed they were going to be getting married on the May 1 episode of the talkshow Katie with Katie Couric.

Jennifer Esposito’s new show is set to premiere on June 25.