Liam Payne Fans Want The One Direction Singer To ‘Cheer Up’

Liam Payne has seemed a little down in the dumps these days.

Fans of the One Direction singer have certainly noticed that the guy isn’t his cheerful self on social media. Things kicked off last week with a series of depressing tweets, posts that suggest Payne is going through some turmoil behind-the-scenes.

To get Liam Payne in a great mood, fans of the singer started the Twitter trend #CheerUpLiam. In short: Anyone who wants to send encouraging messages to Payne should use the aforementioned hashtag. After all, fans are always happiest when the object of their endless affection is smiling ear to ear.

If you don’t follow Liam Payne on Twitter, then you may have noticed that he’s feeling a blue. Not only is the guy having problems with weirdos trying to hack his official Instagram account, the singer is also having some trouble of a romantic nature. Although this writer is drawing his own conclusion about this situation, his recent tweets suggest he’s struggling with a broken heart.

Fans of the One Direction heartthrob were quick to show their support through a series of emotional messages. Should the guy need any 140-character pick-me-ups in the next few days, he certainly has several to choose from at the moment.

“I just want him to smile because it is one of the most beautiful things in the world,” one deeply concerned fan recently tweeted.

Another extremely worried individual posted, “You were there for us and now its our turn to be there for you no matter.”

However, Payne clearly hasn’t lost sight of the bigger picture. Liam recently posted a photo of all the fans who gathered outside of his hotel during One Direction’s recent adventure through Peru. Although these people kept the fellas up with their screaming, Payne still appreciates all the support.

Want to send Liam Payne a message to brighten his day? Compose your thoughts and stick #CheerUpLiam somewhere in the post. Just remember to keep it friendly.

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