John Cena: Is The WWE Superstar Turning Heel?

John Cena (a.k.a Super Cena) has been the dominating force in the WWE for most of his career. During the latter part of his WWE career, he has always been a babyface. However, with the current angle with Bray Wyatt, could a possible heel turn happen?

It is true that fans have supported Bray Wyatt, and his family, prior to a potential John Cena heel turn, especially during Cena’s match against Wyatt atWrestlemania XXX. The crowd started to sway their arms sideways in the air while singing He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands. Then it amplified on WWE RAW, the night after Wrestlemania XXX, when it was the Wyatt Family versus John Cena, Sheamus, and Big E. Once again, fans started to sway their arms sideways in the air while singing. But a new chant was made as the WWE Universe started to exclaim loudly:

“Wyatt’s gonna kill you!”

That chant alone could send chills down anyone’s spine, including John Cena who’s been freaked out of Bray Wyatt prior to their first real match at Wrestlemania XXX. Then if that chant for an execution doesn’t work, this will:

But it wouldn’t be until the April 21st taping of WWE RAW that the signs of a John Cena heel turn would truly show. The power was put in the hands of the WWE Universe as they voted three possible matches for him. They were:

  1. John Cena vs. Luke Harper
  2. John Cena vs. Luke Harper and Erik Rowan
  3. John Cena vs. The Wyatt Family

For the WWE Universe, mostly the Cenation, the first choice would be optimal for John Cena right? It would give him a fair shot in a one on one. So what did everyone vote for? Option 3. That’s right. The majority voted for John Cena’s blood as he would face off against all three members of the Wyatt Family by himself. It was also evidently clear in Cena’s facial expressions that he was shocked and disappointed at what the WWE fans wanted.

The April 28th taping of WWE RAW, enforced John Cena’s disappointment in the fans. In a final plea, he tried to reach out to the WWE Universe letting them know why Bray Wyatt is so dangerous and why he shouldn’t be believed. His words would fall onto deaf ears when a children’s choir interrupted him and started singing He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands. They would surround the ring – which John Cena was in the middle of – and continue until Bray Wyatt joined in. Cena probably would have been able to handle the mental assault if it weren’t for the WWE crowd joining in. It is as if the WWE fans had turned on John Cena, and just like the week before, they wanted his blood.

This is an excellent angle for a John Cena heel turn. It should be reported that even though he is a babyface, and for the longest time the face of the WWE, he’s been a polarizing wrestler. He is never in the majority for love or hate pertaining to the fans. That is why the “Let’s Go Cena/Cena Sucks!” chants have grown authoritatively over the years among WWE crowds. Not to mention, John Cena never really had to reinvent his character in the longest time. Either if he is a chain gang warrior, marine, gangster supporting “Hustle, Loyalty, Respect”, Fruity Pebbles, Grimace, or a walking neon sign, he’s always been the same.

Actually, the last time he was interestingly different was when he was a heel. For the newer fans of John Cena, sorry to cause you to shed tears but Cena was a bad guy. He cheated, he hurt people, he insulted everyone…and he was AWESOME! Don’t believe me? Just google “Doctor of Thuganomics” and have your mind blown.

So how was John Cena as a heel? Well, he would rap a lot, in which he would easily insult his opponent as well as the WWE crowds in the city they were in. He would also wear a lot of throwbacks, usually of the city’s rival team in basketball. Imagine John Cena wearing a Boston Celtics jersey at a show in Miami, Florida and you’ll get the drift.

Another cool thing about John Cena as a heel was his moveset. One of the criticisms WWE fans have with John Cena is his wrestling repertoire. It is very limited in which over half of them are part of his “5 Moves of Doom” (Flying Shoulder Tackle, Flying Shoulder Tackle, Protobomb, Five Knuckle Shuffle, Attitude Adjustment). Back then, he actually had numerous moves, including a Fisherman’s Suplex, a snapmare (which he called the Throwback), and swinging neck breakers. He even cheated such as clocking opponents with his steel chain when the referee wasn’t looking. If you want to see what the “Doctor of Thuganomics” was like, check out the video below of when John Cena went old school for one night at a WWE RAW(though in this video, he is actually a face).

Maybe the monster Bray Wyatt says is deep within John Cena is the “Doctor of Thuganomics” persona. It wouldn’t be a far stretch though. I mean, it was in this mode that John Cena beat up the Undertaker. True he didn’t win, but anyone who can own keeping up with the Undertaker has got to be pretty ruthless. It would also make the WWE very interesting to see someone who’s been stagnant for so long change.