2-Year-Old Boy Pepper Sprayed During Road Rage Incident [VIDEO]

A 2-year-old boy was pepper sprayed during a road rage incident in Surrey, British Columbia this past Monday.

The young boy was playing in a park with his mother and father when a black Range Rover reportedly sped by. Concerned by the speed of the vehicle, the young boys father shouted at the vehicle and motioned for it to slow down. The two parties quickly exchanged words and the vehicle continued on.

According to police, the SUV returned a few minutes later as someone in the back seat rolled down their window and pepper sprayed the family, hitting the father directly in the face.

Standing near the father, the 2-year-old ending up breathing in the pepper spray.

“His whole face was swollen to the point where, I would say, his face was twice the normal size. And he was screaming,” said Sara Barrett, the mother of the boy.

The family quickly called paramedics to treat the boy and his father.

Concerned mother, Christine Powley, was also playing in the park with her four-year-old son who suffers from asthma. She told CBC news that she feared her son could’ve come in contact with the spray, creating a very dangerous situation.

“He could have been put in the hospital last night. If he got in actual contact with the spray, he could have been in hospital with extreme breathing problems. That was the scariest part,” said Powley.

Seeing the situation unfold, concerned neighbors rushed over to aid the family. According to Global News, they quickly grabbed the water hose and were able to wash off the majority of the chemical residue, easing some of the pain.

Police have not yet been able to track down the black Range Rover, but are actively seeking leads on the vehicle and the three subjects inside.

Do you feel that the father is also to blame in the situation?