Nikki Reed And Derek Hough: They’re Having ‘Fun,’ But It’s Not ‘Serious’

Nikki Reed and her love life are making headlines once again.

After the Twilight actress ended her relationship with Paul McDonald earlier this year, people have apparently kept a close eye on what Reed does in her spare time. When someone spotted Nikki hanging out with Dancing with the Stars alum Derek Hough, they quickly ran to Us Weekly with their tale.

Although Nikki Reed and her dancing beau were allegedly spotted at Rock and Reilly’s in Los Angeles back in mid-April, the story of their public displays of affection is just now making the rounds online. Not surprisingly, neither Reed nor Hough have publicly commented on the matter as of this writing.

“The whole group was drinking and partying. Derek bought shots for Nikki at the bar. There was lots of PDA, Nikki was feeding him, holding hands, and they left together. They didn’t seem to care if anyone was watching,” an anonymous source exclusively told the outlet.

So does this mean Nikki Reed has officially started dating the dancer? Before you start jumping to any conclusions about the situation, Us Weekly spoke to another source who had a slightly different take on supposed romance. In short: Reed is just looking to have a bit of fun following her split from McDonald.

The insider dished, “Nikki isn’t currently dating anyone. She is focused on her divorce from Paul and caring for that relationship as well as her latest film projects. Nikki and Julianne are good friends, and she has hung out with Derek a few times through her. They’re having fun but it’s nothing serious.”

Of course, this news might sound a little shocking if you’re just now learning about Nikki Reed’s divorce. Although things looked bright for the actress and her husband a few years ago, their relationship simply couldn’t stand the test of time. If you’re wondering what went wrong, then you’ll want to hear what an entirely separate source told Hollywood Life a while ago. Note: Take this info with a grain of salt.

“It came down to the normal marriage failures of money and career. He wasn’t making money and she wasn’t flourishing with her career after ‘Twilight,’” the insider explained.

The source added, “[Nikki and Paul] ended up having to deal with that while being together at all times. They never did things for love anymore, it became a job for them to be together because it became all about work.”

Are you surprised that Nikki Reed was allegedly seen making out with Derek Hough? Do you believe the rumors about their budding romance?

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