One Direction Fans Descend On Hotel, Band Forced To Find Other Lodgings

One Direction’s fans are certainly a dedicated lot. Unfortunately, their enthusiasm for the group has forced the guys to head for the hills.

The band is currently touring through South America, a series of gigs that included a stop in Peru. Not surprisingly, around 250 One Direction fans discovered where the guys were officially camped out and decided to hang around the hotel. This apparently included screaming incessantly during all hours of the night, ultimately preventing the guys from getting a little shuteye. The group’s handlers were also a little worried about security issues.

According to the Irish Independent, One Direction had no choice but to find somewhere else to say during the remainder of the visit to Peru. Since fans and their ceaseless dedication were becoming a problem, the folks at the Belmond Palacio Nazarenas asked the fellas to find somewhere else to lay their heads.

“There were hundreds of screaming girls outside the hotel. Police were struggling to keep them back and keep them off the road. The fans with their posters nearly filled the entire square,” a source recently told The Sun.

Even One Direction singer Liam Payne kindly asked everyone hanging around the hotel to keep the noise down. Since their screams can penetrate just about anything, the guys were having a hard time getting some sleep.

Hi everyone I hate doing this because I sound a dick but please keep the noise down outside it's 6am and everyone is sleepy mouses thanks xx

— Liam Payne (@Real_Liam_Payne) April 26, 2014

Apparently his pleas for silence worked a little while.

Digital Spy explains that several One Direction fans were injured during a concert in Peru on Sunday night. Nearly 50 attendees were injured when folks rushed the stage, prompting the group to ask people to settle down. Organizers used emergency pop-up treatment centers to help those who were injured, including several who reportedly suffered from asphyxia.

“We treated 47 children with the first stages of asphyxia. Everything is under control. We have nothing to be ashamed of, we’ve handled the situation well. We put in place a second evacuation plan so that the younger fans were not affected,” the head of Peru’s volunteer fire service explained.

The official added, “It’s under control. We are still treating those with symptoms of asphyxia that we pulled from the back. The ministry of health has set up tents.”

What do you think about One Direction fans forcing the group out of their hotel?