UFO Sightings 2014: Photos And Videos Fly Into The Skies Of England, Canada, And The Netherlands

UFO sightings in 2014 have been reported all over the map, ranging from the United States and Canada to over the pond in jolly ol' England and also the Netherlands. We highly recommend checking out the eye-witness statement from the people in Canada. But do these UFO sightings photos and videos prove that there's really something out there?

In a related report by The Inquisitr, a Mississippi hunting camera took a video of a UFO beaming down lights onto deer way out in the middle of the nowhere. The owners of the infrared were not exclaiming conspiracy theories about little green men, but they also couldn't figure out the strange light projected by the UFO could possibly be. Still, while that case was interesting, when UFO theorists spotted lights on Mars they immediately began calling them signs of intelligent life.

The first UFO sightings video is from London, and shows a small group of people peering up into the clouds over the city. The object in the sky appears to be bouncing around in the sky, which might mean it is some weird atmospheric phenomenon, but the people who posted the YouTube seem to believe it's quite something more.

The second UFO video is interesting because in this case the unidentified flying object has a noticeable shade of blue. On April 11, Dick Smits was at home in the town of Maassluis in the Netherlands, recording a boat on a canal. But when he spotted the blue UFO, he changed his focus. Although the images are blurry like many UFO sightings, at one point it appears as if we're seeing a reflection from a curved cockpit. Smits says he doesn't know what the blue object was, but neither is he claiming aliens were involved.

Now, the UFO sighting in Canada is actually very recent, taking place on April 29, 2014. The witnessing report explains what happened:

"While driving I noticed on the north side of the highway green and red lights low within the tree line," the reporting witness stated. "It was 1:45 a.m. and it was very dark. The trees are bare. No leaves as this is early spring here so I thought it was a low flying airplane as they carry the green and red lights. I thought I'd seen an airplane flying low on the horizon through the trees.... As I was getting closer I noticed these lights were not moving and they appeared bigger. It was nothing of significance to us as we thought it was perhaps some sort of tower. Finally we passed the small grove of trees and were able to have the direct visual on these lights. We saw red, green, blue-purple light blinking, sort of pulsating around quite fast. There was also a light at the bottom like a dome light rotating a beam of white-yellow light illuminating the ground and trees."
Unfortunately, they didn't exactly have professional quality recording equipment. They apparently experienced problems taking photos with their smartphones and only several attempts survived the encounter.

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They noted the thing seemed to be projecting lights and could move quickly. But what happened next caused them to run away in fright:

"I then thought that maybe that thing is projecting the lights - maybe I should use cell cam flash to signal a couple flashes as a form of communication. I got my phone again. I snapped once and nothing happened, but when I sent the next flash, that thing suddenly made a high pitch, two tones, sound lasting for maybe seven seconds. We got afraid a bit, so we jumped back in the truck and decided it was time to go. What we noticed inside the cab was a static noise of the radio. Where we pulled over to investigate the object, we were listening to a Hinton music station. Now there was nothing but static noise. Upon that we realized we had just seen a UFO which interacted with the truck's radio. We took off rather fast, leaving that thing behind."
What do you think about these 2014 UFO sightings?