Britney Spears? Not So Fast 'Little Women: L.A.'!

The real Britney Spears has absolutely nothing to say about the upcoming Lifetime show 'Little Women: LA'. In fact, Spears is causing some legal issues for the somewhat anticipated show about little people who looks kind of like big celebrities. But not actual Britney Spears, someone who owns right to a little person Britney Spears act.

Apparently the show recruited a Little Britney Spears who acts a bit too much like an act performed at a famed Las Vegas club. In fact, they hired the same exact little person who performed that show.

Jeff Beacher, of Beacher's Madhouse fame, sent a cease and desist letter to Lifetime's 'Little Women: LA' producers, saying that they need to watch their backs regarding one of the show's actresses, Elena Grant, who worked at Beacher's Madhouse doing a 'Little Britney Spears' act. Beacher claims that he, in fact, owns the act and that the Lifetime show had better not try to borrow some elements from that act.

The claim from Beacher is that 'Little Women' producers are already exploiting Ms. Grant's well known reputation as 'Little Britney Spears' in promo spots and materials, and Beacher is insisting that it stops, now.

Not only does Beacher claim to own 'Little Britney Spears' but he also owns the 'Little Miley Cyrus' act, 'Little Kesha', Little Lady Gaga, and of course, what little person revue would be complete without 'Little Katy Perry. Of course Beacher is prepared to sue if the acts portrayed in the upcoming show resembles the acts that his club created for their audience. And, these acts are worth boat loads of money.

We know what you're thinking! Good gracious, we need to know more about this show! Well, here's what it's all about! 'Little Women: LA' follows a group of funny, smart, and beautiful women, who are all little people. A few of these women, Little Britney Spears, Mini Gaga and Mini Beyonce, yes there is a mini Beyonce (thank goodness!) have all worked as celebrity impersonators! Good show, we think!

The shows are each one hour long and they cover topics such as parenting, careers, friendships and relationships, each with ups and the inevitable downs of a group of way back friends, Briana Manson, Terra Jole, Elena Gant, Tonya Banks, Traci Harrison and Christy McGinity, which just goes to show that height has nothing to do with personality, and can get you on TV really easily apparently.

The actual Britney Spears seems to be doing quite well, these days. She has not yet commented on the Little Britney scandal, perhaps she wishes to distance herself from award winning, meaningful television, the author writes tongue in cheek.

So, if you love celebrity impersonators who look not much like the celebrity they're impersonating, or well, little people, check out Little Britney Spears in 'Little Women: L.A.'